Marinus Global Limited Releases Columbus – A Cloud-Based Procurement Platform for the Marine Industry

London, United Kingdom – July 12, 2019 – Marinus Global Limited, a marine-industry centered procurement solutions company that helps buyers and suppliers to optimize workflows, increase efficiency, and increase automation for greater revenues across all departments, this week proudly announced their latest platform product called Columbus. Columbus has been officially launched for the public after a six-month pilot.

Creating versatile synergy between ship managers and suppliers so that partnerships can be made in a fraction of the typical time, Columbus simplifies supply chain processes, which stands to save companies thousands of $ per year on Orders and OPEX.

“We have created a mutually beneficial platform where ship managers and suppliers can seamlessly connect and transact,” said Karim Khan, Founder of Marinus Global Limited. “The problem is that in many cases, it’s hard for these two parties to come into contact and do business together, as the process of requisition to purchase can take, on average, weeks before it’s finished. We wanted to expedite that timeline for everyone involved.”

Khan stated that traditional platforms only act as a middleman between suppliers and buyers and take a hefty cut of each purchase order, not actually providing solutions that optimize the procurement process. As a result, valuable time is lost.

With Columbus, users can count on state of the art technology that ensures 99.99% up-time SLA with back-up systems, error proof order matching as it’s sent from ships, shore and to suppliers, encryption technology for security, easy synchronization when catalogues are updated, order tracking and status updates in real-time, and sign-off delivery updates. Marinus Global Limited estimates that there is a 70%-time reduction in the entire process now, thanks to the complex algorithms that help buyers select the right suppliers for them. These buyers then receive instant quotes, helping them to make a selection in just moments.

“Our SmartFlow technology automates tasks that used to take people weeks to complete, so now they can use their limited resources elsewhere,” said Khan. “With programmed machine learning capabilities, Columbus performs a real-time analysis of available suppliers, factoring in changing ETA, weather patterns, and port traffic. As a result, the platform generates the most compelling price and quality ratio for buyers to consider. And at the other end of the equation, suppliers can increase revenue, brand exposure, and negotiate online, while reducing time spent on RFQs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

Buyers and suppliers only pay a subscription fee, with no hidden costs or additional charges per purchase order. Columbus is a comprehensive solution designed to change the maritime industry forever.

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