The South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council Celebrates Its 5th Annual Charity Fund Raiser Golf Tournament

The South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council Celebrates Its 5th Annual Charity Fund Raiser Golf Tournament

This year’s tournament counts with more than 70 sponsors and 200 players supporting the mission of this council, and the only Non-Educational program – St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital!

The SFAMC celebrates jointly 5 years of tournament and community outreach

as their CHAMPION Chloe Tuttle celebrates 5 YEARS CANCER FREE!!!

The SFAMC has donated a total of $30,000.00 to St. Jude over the last TWO YEARS!!!

It is an amazing day and the opportunity to let go, have fun and celebrate ALL the Council’s achievements.

The mission statement of the SFAMC is “to support the aviation maintenance community by supporting, encouraging, educating, and promoting the significant base of maintenance operations in South Florida.” As the famous quote by Michael Altshuler says “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Based on recent studies, statistics show that in the next two decades approximately 648,000 aircraft maintenance technicians, 637,000 commercial aircraft pilots, and 839,000 cabin crew members are positions necessary to be filled. Within the next ten years, the next-generation retirement rush will take place. The SFAMC has taken a pro-active approach and start preparing for this occurrence by developing a seven-step campaign that has already begun to take effect and has produced results.

The SFAMC Aviation Needs Solutions Campaign!!

The South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council has launched a solutions-based campaign that will drive interest in children as young as 5th graders in the aviation industry to meet the high demand for professionals.

In its first 3rd party collaborative effort, the SFAMC Sponsored and Promoted Kitty Hawk- The Musical at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Over 26,000 7th graders are exposed to Kitty Hawk, a musical that illustrates the story of the Wright Brothers and their long journey to developing the first successful airplane. The children are exposed to pre- and post-curriculum which truly allows them to become seasoned on the history of aviation. After the “seed is planted”, workshops become available to the interested students by aviation companies who also offer hands-on experience. Currently, an average of 200 children are participating in these workshops yearly. This shows that interest has doubled, seeing as originally only 110 students had opted to take the workshop opportunity.

The SFAMC has once again demonstrated their passion for building the future of aviation professionals by turning their attention and efforts to create a presence at South Florida Junior Achievement and support the efforts of the organizations in Career Preparedness Program. The S. Florida Junior Achievement is a hands-on real-life simulation that prepares fifth graders for tomorrow’s careers by teaching them essential skills necessary for any successful professional. JA Biztown has positions available at places such as Wells Fargo, BizBee News, UPS, Investors Bank, MetLife Financial Services and many more. The Finance Center has Industry representation with skilled assessed salary descriptions, length of educational investment and the vocational certifications. Junior Achievement of South Florida has served almost 1,000,000 students since it was first opened in 1959 and welcomes 50,000 children annually. The impact that adding an aviation maintenance storefront to JA Biztown, as well as an industry pop up at the Finance Center, is projected to be significant.

The SFAMC truly believes this and committed to the build-out costs of the Finance Center in June of 2019. “With the addition of the Junior Achievement piece, where children see the salaries vs time required to train and /or become certified will definitely be a game-changer,” says Kim L Merced, President of the SFAMC.

When asked – So what sets the SFAMC aside from other nonprofit organizations? Ms. Merced responds – They have taken action to ensure that the career choice of Aviation Studies is built into the educational experience of the younger student. Most organizations concentrate on granting scholarships to aviation students. The SFAMC is concentrating on increasing the attraction of Aviation and elevating the number of students that CHOOSE Aviation as a career. They have also increased their scholarship award amounts to $30,000 this year and have established a foundation scholarship at Broward College Aviation Institute.

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