BDW (Hong Kong) Exchange released 6 new functions

With the development of blockchains and digital currencies, more and more people realize that it is a potential market. As the market is still at a very early stage, the trading of digital assets has become the biggest demand of current investors. Throughout the flowing of digital asset, there are clearly defined business models, high and stable profit and the like, which has enabled digital currency exchanges at the top of the food chain.

After several years of competition and development, the current pattern of digital currency exchanges has initially determined, in other words, Huobi, Binance and Ok are three major exchanges. In addition, there are tens of thousands of large and small exchanges participating in the competition in the market. It can be said that the dividend period of digital currencies has not completely ended, and the competition of various exchanges has been keen. However, the keen market competition did not discourage latecomers. On the contrary, more participants have swarmed into the market as it gradually warmed up.

Thousands of competitors rush to the exchange market with the oligarch undecided.

In general, the reasons why digital currency exchanges can thrive are mainly reflected in two aspects. First, exchanges stand at the top of the digital currency industry because it is the auditor, counterparty, issuer, and referee of the asset at the same time, which has been normal in the digital currency industry. Therefore, exchanges have the right of speech. At the same time, exchanges can obtain very attractive profit through handling charge, issuing digital platform currencies, investment, incubation and the like.

Second, the current monopoly of exchanges has not yet been finally shaped, in which the position of top exchanges is not strong enough and emerging exchanges still have great opportunities. Many people think that the current pattern is the tripartite confrontation of Huobi, Binance and Ok, but Fcoin in last year quickly stirred the market. Emerging exchanges such as MXC and Biki introduced some good projects and business models in this year, attracting a lot of attention. These successful cases have provided a bright prospect for latecomers.

The monopoly of top exchanges has not yet been shaped, and there are still opportunities to participate in the market. It is conceivable that the competition and challenges will be even more fierce as more and more trading platforms participate in the market. These challenges include decentralization, platform security, technology, user and so on. Therefore, the market mechanism of the survival of the fittest will be more obvious, only those exchanges with true strength will survive and thrive.

It is worth noting that BDW (Hong Kong) is growing rapidly, which is challenging the position of top exchanges, becoming a well-deserved black horse in the industry and having a great influence on the market.

BDW is becoming the spoiler in exchanges with developed challenges.

BDW (Hong Kong) has become a top exchange in emerging exchanges with its own advantages and learning from other exchanges and has maintained a good momentum of development.

Established in 2015, BDW covers services including the trading of digital currencies, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain asset issuance, blockchain charity and the like. After four years of development, BDW has become one of the fastest growing and he most trusted platform of cryptocurrencies in the world.

BDW has always on put the interests of users first and is committed to providing a safe, fair, open and efficient trading platform of the blockchain digital asset, ultimately creating a new future for the blockchain finance.

1. Professional Team

The core team of BDW has strong capabilities of technology, operation and management, who has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry. According to the official website and other information, most members of the core team are from well-known Internet companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, IBM and the like. The founding team has won the investment from well-known investment institutions at home and abroad, build and operate projects with multiple million users. The source code of BDW was independently developed by the core team, fully reflecting its technical strength.

2. Industry Experts

In addition to technical talents, BDW also cooperates with many experts and celebrities in the blockchain industry and professors from universities and colleges to form a professional consultant and incubation team. It has successfully helped many entity enterprises to implement the blockchain reform, which allowed to empower the real economy. According to media reports, BDW has received more than 30-million-yuan Angel investment, which also reflected the recognition of investment institutions on BDW.

3. Information Security

BDW take advantage of dual firewall technology combining hardware firewall and software firewall to achieve anti-cracking and anti-hacking. The access and security requirements of BDW are at the national bank level. In the information protection for users, the artificial intelligence recognition technology of MEGVII is adopted, which is equivalent to that of Huobi, ensuring the security of users’ information.

4. Brand Promotion

From the perspective of projects, BDW can provide a full range of brand promotion for online projects, including the finance portal and media of BDW and the media alliance of the blockchain industry. BDW is one of core members of 499 Media Alliance, which can provide more than 2,000 financial media channels, more than 50,000 WeChat group and covers more than one million target users for the PR promotion.

At the same time, BDW will exempt the handling charge for projects with higher quality and provide the policy support and further promotion.

5. User Traffic

It can be seen that BDW is excellent in aspects like the technology, security, brand, assets, which has become a prerequisite for its rapid development and survival from the keen competition. Moreover, these advantages win users and traffic for the platform. At present, BDW has more than 150,000 registered users, more than 50,000 loyal users, and around 20,000 active users per day. The number of users in the radiation circle of BDW has reached more than 500,000 through more than 200 WeChat and telegram communities, which has greatly promoted the stable development of BDW.

6. Super Nodes

In addition to existing resources, BDW will deploy 50 member units, 101 super nodes and 10,000 super users around the world in the future. Most of them will be security experts in the blockchain industry, media, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professors from universities and college, government resources and the like, to improve the core competitiveness of BDW.

7. Future Planning

In order to ensure a good user experience, BDW will also launch a variety of functions including the financel management, simulated trading, social contact, leveraged trading, quantitative trading, loan system, financial derivatives and the like, to meet diverse needs of users and create the one-stop new ecosystem of the blockchain industry. 

Conclusions & Outlook

Through the advantages of the team, technology, operation, brand, users, and traffic, BDW has become a dark horse in emerging exchanges. In addition to its own advantages, BDW is superior than other emerging exchanges in team members, ecosystem, community structure and global layout.

To be more specific, users can have better trading experience of digital assets through the own source code and bank-level security system of BDW. At the same time, BDW will also select assets with high-quality and potential, so that users can get high returns.

From the point of view of users, BDW will develop a variety of emerging products to meet investment needs of different users. BDW can truly enhance the trading experience of users, spread the value of the blockchain, empower the real economy, realize the circulation of digital assets, and promote the sound development of the blockchain and digital currencies.

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