Culture Industry Chain: The “new retail” model for realizing the circulation of cultural industry value

It is an era where cultural industry is booming. People are no longer simply satisfied with “eat and dress”, but also hope to enhance the quality of spiritual life as well as increase the sense of life and happiness through film and television, tourism, health and other aspects. Consequently, our country has gradually increased the support for the cultural industry. The development of cultural industry has presented a great trend. 

The society is advancing and the policy is tilting. Whoever seizes the opportunity and takes the lead in this red sea market will become the leader in our time. 

Culture Industry Chain CIC is undoubtedly an excellent enterprise with strong power and forward-looking layout. 

Led by Qihao Group, a well-known film and television enterprise, Culture Industry Chain CIC deeply integrates many leading enterprises in the cultural related field, aiming to become the explorer and leader of this new field in global cultural industry economy. 

As the first chain of ecological consumption in the cultural industry, Culture Industry Chain CIC is committed to creating a long-lasting, systematic ecosystem of cultural value distribution, thus bringing you a one-stop experiential consumption and a digital “new retail” model.

As we all know, the application of blockchain technology has always been the focus of attention. In recent years, there have been a few cases in which finance, insurance, medical care and blockchain technology are closely integrated. However, the application of blockchain related to daily life and cultural industries is hardly found. 

The birth of the Culture Industry Chain CIC has just made up for this gap in this field. 

Our Cultural Chain CIC team fully understand the golden rule – “Use blockchain technology to promote industrial innovation”. We work closely with blockchain technology. And meanwhile, we organically links the cultural industry value to form a closed loop of the industry while opening up the cultural ecology, making payment, traceability, consumption, and investment become an organic whole. 

It is worth mentioning that through Culture Industry Chain CIC, the advanced technology application and concept of blockchain can be mapped to various spiritual life related fields such as film and television, shopping, catering, travel, real estate, art etc. This is a place where people can share the industrial ecological big data and experience the perfect closed-loop life after the upgraded eco-model of cultural industry. 

Moreover, Culture Industry Chain CIC, born with blockchain technology, possesses a unique set of advantages such as transparent trading, multi-party security, and decentralization. 

Culture Industry Chain CIC will release our original creation before the launch on 15th August: a parallel public chain of the cultural industry, which separates the consensus and the transaction. It has independent data check nodes and is able to expand multiple smart contracts at the same time. What is even more surprising is that Culture Industry Chain CIC also has a unique and innovative cultural eco-pass design which covers from the mining incentives of CIC wallet users, the value of the pass in the landing scene to the consumer repurchase. It also anchors the transaction protection of antiques and cultural relics, so as to protect the basic interests of the participants. 

I believe that everyone has had similar confusion. During the daily consumption process, the middlemen always pocket the difference as the information is not equal. The birth of Culture Industry Chain CIC has just made “sharing” a crucial keyword. Through sharing, the consumer and the production end are directly linked, thereby realizing the customized “experiential consumption mode” where production is after the ordering.

It is true that in the field of blockchain, there are a lot of projects that look promising. But sadly, many of these projects will eventually become bubble projects for money speculation for various reasons. 

We guarantee that this kind of phenomenon will never happen to the industry rookie – Culture Industry Chain CIC.

Culture Industry Chain CIC is committed to creating a closed loop of the cultural industry. Every link in the ecosystem can be implemented in a realistic way so as to fully restore the value of the industry itself, and become a real vertical industry anchored digital certificate assets. 

For the holders of the secondary market, Culture Industry Chain CIC will break the traditional token trading model where the interests of investors cannot be 100% protected. In the secondary market, Culture Industry Chain CIC anchors the purchase of CIC token with antiques, cultural relics, celebrity scripts and paintings, and cultural tourism real estates. We never do air trading, thus realizing the real “value landing” of Culture Industry Chain CIC. We come with full sincerity to ensure that every investment can be guaranteed and every investor can share the value dividend of CIC digital token. 

As a parallel public chain, Culture Industry Chain CIC has a strong R&D team with outstanding technical background. We fully understand the importance of talent pool. Our team members are from Singapore, the United States, and Hong Kong, and have extensive experience in blockchain security technology and professional operations. 

In addition, Culture Industry Chain CIC has a strong advisory team. Mr. Guo Jianrong, one of our senior consultants, is a well-known film marketing expert. He is also an IP advocate pioneer of Tencent Film, quality project supplier of iQiyi and research director of Chinese Cultural Soft Power. Senior consultant Lisa has 15 years of experience in digital media operations. She is a senior producer of Yahoo! Group and works in Culture and Media Industry Research Institute. She also participated in the production of many famous Hollywood programs. Senior consultant Andrew graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is now a professor from Stanford University. He is a blockchain and artificial intelligence expert, and a technical consultant for many companies. These experts have joined forces and cooperated with each other to provide a solid guarantee and strength for the robust development of Culture Industry Chain CIC.

Cultural Chain CIC has further formed strategic partnerships with well-known companies and teams such as Ruiyou Traveller, Qingda Wenchuang Culture Holding Group, and the Asian Film and Television Alliance of the United States to effectively connect a whole cultural-related industrial chain through CIC. 

We are ready for launching. Our well-prepared Culture Industry Chain CIC can be considered as a breath of fresh air in 2019 token market, and will clean up the entire token market in the near future. 

Culture Industry Chain CIC will be soon launched on August 15th, opening the chapter of the official transaction. At that time, as a representative of the real “value token”, Culture Industry Chain CIC will have a stunning performance and it deserves everyone’s expectation. We sincerely hope “100 times CIC” to become a real dark horse of this year’s token market. The application of the deeply cultivated grapefruit ecology will make CIC set off a trend in the entire token market. 

Let’s wait and see the wonderful future of Culture Industry Chain CIC.

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