SOLVING THE MILLENNIAL PROBLEM: How a New Wisconsin Company is Helping Public Golf Courses Attract the Much-Desired Millennial Crowd

Milwaukee, WI – Marketing systems company, Golf Marketing Pros, is paving the way by working specifically with public golf courses & clubs to bring them more business by solving the decade’s old problem “How do be attract millennial golfers?” In the process of gaining a stellar reputation within the Wisconsin golf market, co-founder Grant Rusniak is proud of his company’s achievements, attributing part of it’s success to his own personal experiences working in the golf industry.

“I’ve been an avid user of social media to progress my personal brand and businesses over the years,” Rusniak explains. “Because of our teams in-depth understanding of social media & how to communicate with millennials, we’ve been able to develop a system that is helping our clientele tap into the coveted millennial golf market. In turn, we’ve had the privilege of working personally with some amazing courses here in the Midwest by helping them implement our revenue generation system (Golfers on Demand™)  and seeing them book more tee-times because of it.”

When they first started as a marketing & systems company, the Golf Marketing Pros team willingly took on a variety of clubs across the board.  After working with a number of public golf courses and seeing the huge role they will play in the future, the company now focuses primarily on marketing systems for public golf courses & clubs.

“We know how to leverage our ‘GTT’ or Geo-Targeted Golfer Tracking Technology™,” explains Rusniak. “We put together a system to target & track local golfers efficiently across the web. We then place value incentive ads in front of those individuals that are actively looking for a new course to play & get them to book a tee-time. This is one of many highly effective ways of getting our clients new business.”

According to Rusniak, every business, brand, influencer, and entrepreneur has a story; they just need a platform and a place to tell it, which is exactly what Golf Marketing Pros provides for their clients.

“A common thing we see courses do is to try to SELL on social media when it should be used to educate in the front end, create that relationship with the golfer, and then have them come to YOU from the value you’ve given.” According to Rusniak, “Running value-based campaigns are a great way to form that relationship. Campaigns can be anything from giving the golfer an exclusive social media only deal or having them join a private community where they can communicate with other local golfers in the area. We like to call it digitalizing your club. This way, golfers already feel like they are apart of the courses community before they ever come and play.”

“Another mistake we see a lot of course operators make is either trying to do it themselves and seeing no results, or pawning the “marketing” off to part-time help. At the beginning of the season, everyone has their marketing plans set in stone, but by the middle of the season nearly all courses haven’t followed through with their plans.”

Golf Marketing Pros helps it’s clients become a powerful presence online by leveraging platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. The goal of Golf Marketing Pros is to ensure their clientele exemplifies reach when it comes to their local golf market, resulting in literally hundreds of new and repeat golfers booking tee-times again and again.

About Golf Marketing Pros

Golf Marketing Pros was co-founded by Grant Rusniak, who started off as a pro-shop associate in Hartford, WI. The company has grown to have a nationwide presence with 4 offices in different parts of the country. Specializing in year-round revenue generation, their proprietary marketing system (Golfers on Demand™)  for public golf courses utilizes Geo-Targeted Golfer Tracking technology that has revolutionized the golf industry making it easier and more affordable for courses to systemize their sales and marketing systems in-turn increasing year-round revenue and booking more tee-times.

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