Explains How To Choose the Best Shower Floor Base Explains How To Choose the Best Shower Floor Base

You never want to cut corners and try to find a short cut when it comes to home remodels. If you cut corners in the bathroom you could end up with incorrectly measured tiles or accessories that just don’t fit properly. When plumbing is involved you want to be certain that you know what you are doing. If you are plumbing clueless then you must enlist the help of a professional plumber. According to, one of the worst home repairs to deal with is water damage from plumbing being installed improperly. Once something leaks from the second level of a home, you will experience multi-level damage. The water can slowly seep through the floor and then down through to the ceiling on the first level. In some cases, drywall will need to be cut out and replaced to prevent mold from growing. It’s a headache if you do not work properly with plumbing.

Why is plumbing so important when dealing with selecting the right type of shower floor base? The answer is simple; the base of your shower is essential the foundation to the work that will be performed from that moment forward. Just as the foundation of your house is the 1st thing to go in before the rest of the house is built. When you install the shower pan or floor base to the shower you will then move forward with the rest of the design that will be incorporated into your shower. Tile Redi is one of the brands are on the list for consideration when you are installing tile as a shower floor base.

You can install a plastic floor base and still use tile for the side walls or you can install a tile floor base. The only concern with utilizing tile as a shower floor base is the installation process. If you are not familiar with tile then you will want to hire the help of a professional tile installer. When having tile installed you will need to use grout and then a proper sealer. You will need to research to help when Choosing between the Best tile sealer for shower floor! What are the tile sealer for shower floor Reviews 2019? These reviews will help you make the best choice for what is currently available on the market.

If you have decided to go with tile make sure it is not an ultra-slick tile. This could cause a slip risk. You should also install a shower bar on the wall for any elderly or disabled people that will be using the shower with a tile floor. These helpful hints will help you establish a top of the line in safety and appearance shower.

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