Creative Biolabs Launches Recombinant Antibody Products Targeting at Endometrial Cancer

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated for more than 10 years to providing high-standard antibody products regarding the improvement of endometrial cancer diagnosis & research on a worldwide scale by utilizing advanced antibody research tools and with support of professional scientific knowledge.

New York, US – July 15, 2019 Endometrial Cancer (EC) is a commonly seen gynecological malignant tumor ranking after breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer, the fourth most recurring illness among American women. Based upon the faith of improving the effectiveness of screening and survival rate of patients through early stage diagnosis and targeted therapy system, Creative Biolabs is providing recombinant antibody products to be applied to different signaling pathways of EC target therapy research.


1. Signaling Pathways of EC Therapy

1.1 A variety of recombinant mouse, rabbit anti-AKT1 antibodies are applicable to RTK signaling pathway that meet requirements and standards of research and other purposes.

1.2 Wnt antibody products are ready to be used in the most evolutionarily conserved signal transduction Wnt signaling pathway.

1.3 Notch signaling pathway, as highly conserved as it is, can be facilitated with the help of Creative Biolabs’ relevant products to ensure regulating cell proliferation activity.

1.4 As for the p53 and p16 signaling pathway, mature antibody products always receive popularity and appraise from returning guests.


2. Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis

A range of biological information and biomolecules, such as oncogenes, tumor suppressors, mismatch repair genes, apoptosis-related genes, hormone receptor levels, DNA ploidy and aneuploidy, have been identified as biomarkers of endometrial cancer. A full set of endometrial diagnostic antibodies are launched targeting at Molecular Markers and Protein Markers correspondingly.

2.1 The relevant products of molecular markers for endometrial cancer like K-ras, HER2/neu, EGFR, PI3KCA and FGFR2 can be found at Creative Biolabs that provide a variety of choices for the customer’s experimental research process.

2.2 Despite the fact that there are many kinds of references when recognizing protein markers for EC, only products focusing on the most effective ones are served like recombinant HE4/VEGF antibodies.


3. Targeted Therapy for Endometrial Cancer

The study result of EC’s development mechanism reveals that a malignant tumor generally requires an accumulation of genetic mutations through a process referred to as “multistep carcinogenesis”, which means that if not diagnosed at early stage, the death rate is relatively high. Creative Biolabs aims to assist in the target therapy of EC according to the signaling pathways comprehensively.


For more than a decade, Creative Biolabs is working on the antibody products distribution to make clients’ projects go smoothly, especially in the area of endometrial cancer. More information about the recombinant antibody products for EC therapy research can be reached at


About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a life science company serving professional technical support, and rapid global delivery to ensure quality for scientific research workers and customers in industry with high-standard research tools, of which the motto is building custom-service-centered business model for optimizing the drug development process, leveraging accessible resources, and gathering a team from various backgrounds to conduct drug discovery projects in the future.




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