Creative Biolabs Displays Typical Work-flow for IVD Immunoassay Development

With year of exploration, Creative Biolabs is providing wholesome production and validation services for clients globally to support the IVD Immunoassay with systematical paths covering area of not just cancer, apoptosis, neurobiology, immunology, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.

New York, US – July 15, 2019 Creative Biolabs has a group of scientists specialized in providing tailored services regarding the development of high-quality antibodies and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) immunoassays for global customers, containing lateral flow, chemiluminescence assays, ELISA tests, turbidimetric assays, and rapid tests, all of which ensure that customers can flexibly make selection from the services equipped with professional knowledge to guarantee high-quality antibody and IVD for a variety of biomarkers. Typical workflow for IVD immunoassay development can be divided into three phases: project scoping, assay development, and production & manufacture, which are not simply regulated and supported in assay design, raw material selection, and working protocol establishment.

1. Targeting at in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody, essential elements with a variety of applications on detection of infections, recognition of allergies, and the measurement of hormones and other markers in blood, Creative Biolabs offers relevant services, composing monoclonal antibody development, polyclonal antibody development, antibody pair development, recombinant antibody development, antibody & antigen conjugation, which hold the advantages that all the antibodies, free in full length and partial length, are developed from different host species to target at a broad range of disease biomarkers to ensure consistent, high-affinity and reliable results.


2. Routine IHC follows the order of sample preparation, immobilization, tissue sectioning, paraffin embedding, blocking, antigen retrieval, detection, counterstain, and mounting media, on the basis of which, Creative Biolabs has developed a set of immunohistochemistry (IHC) based kits development, a star service that provides the clients with powerful tools to be applied in the lab to assist with the diagnosis projects, and hence to contribute to the study of subspecialties of tumor pathology, neuropathology, and hematopathology. Not only machine-operated IHC staining services, but also optimization of experimental conditions for the primary antibody, like concentrations, incubation times, and interpretation of the staining results are included in the IHC kits to result in qualified reagents and validated tests for highly specific immunostaining for further biochemistry research.


To improve IVD development, Creative Biolabs has been dedicated for more than a decade with the first level services and advanced technologies combined with experts’ professional knowledge. Various immunoassays recognizing a lot of disease biomarkers that have been successfully developed by Creative Biolabs are also available if needed. Details can be reached at


About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider in the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) with customized immunodiagnostic kit materials and mature IVD products, including antigens, antibodies (ELISA antibody pairs), standard products and IVD kits. A wide range of customized R&D services and tailor-made solutions according to the unique specifications of customers stand as characterized contents and key concepts of services.

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