BitEternity Multidimensional Block Chain Eco-service Platform officially launched

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, opening a new era of digital assets. Its core value is that everyone has complete freedom to control wealth and information. This is a value civilian movement, but to make this technology popular, there are still many problems to be solved, mainly in the aspects of wallet ease of use, communication privacy, transaction performance and security. Based on blockchain technology, BitEternity will develop mobile apps that integrate universal wallet, lightning transfer, blockchain exchange, and P2P chat, with priority support for Android and iOS. BitEternity will greatly reduce the threshold for the use of digital assets and accelerate the popularity of digital assets.

Features: Universal wallet, lightning transfer, blockchain trading, secure chat, four-in-one digital currency solution.

Technology: BitEternity uses BitShares high-performance graphene technology, Bitcoin anonymity technology, Ethereum smart contract, and EOS underlying architecture logic, combined with its own high-performance public chain, to provide strong technical support for digital assets and promote digital assets. Wide-area applications and innovations.

Mission: Let people really have digital currency and use digital currency.

It supports more than 700 digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BitShares; 5 seconds of lightning transfer for all digital assets; decentralized exchanges: 20,000 peak processing per second; support for trading, mainstream currency All kinds of transactions can be traded; decentralized exchanges are safe and transparent! The world’s first decentralized social network: instant messaging, experience value; end-to-end information encryption, information security; full-currency digital currency red envelope; stable digital assets USDT convenient recharge cash withdrawal; group red envelopes, social red envelopes are readily available; cross-chain technology to connect all blockchains. ERC20 token transfer without fuel, immediate transfer; transfer fee is lower than the native network; cross-chain technology connects all blockchains;

BitEternity will support almost all valuable and innovative digital assets, and the BitEternity chain of digital assets BTE will grow with digital assets. It will be an indispensable product in the digital currency industry. Holding BTE assets, in addition to the continuous burning of BTE and the appreciation of BTE assets, you will also enjoy the development bonus of the digital currency industry.

BitEternity’s goal is to become the market leader within a year, with a market share of 20%. With a global scale of $100 billion for online and offline industries, BitEternity’s market size will reach $4 billion in the first year. Based on this, the future value of BitEternity will be immeasurable.

The BitEternity ecosystem has begun to take shape. The BTE token has a rich usage scene and strong value support. Such an all-round digital currency, the all-power Dapp, is bound to lead the new future of the blockchain.

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