The First Global Conference of the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance and the Strategic Signing Ceremony of Loctite Assets and the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance were successfully held in Bangkok

The Thai government jointly launched a special fund of 60 billion baht to subsidize tourists from all over the world who visit Thailand. The core of Thailand is tourism. The total number of Thai tourists in China is more than half of Thai’s population every year. It can be said that Thailand’s economic source mainly depends on tourism, 2017. In 2008, the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand exceeded 10 million, bringing 638 billion baht, or 127.6 billion yuan, and China is Thailand’s largest source of tourists.

The meeting also invited the support of Rotai Asset, an important partner of the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance. Rotai Asset is a public chain with millions of TPS processing speed in seconds. It is jointly developed by several founders of Silicon Valley in the United States who have deep experience in block chain research and development. Strength can be regarded as the industry’s super luxury lineup. Once the concept was put forward, it has won the pursuit of many capital. It is called the area of block chain by the global block chain capital.

Super Quality Project 2019

The biggest change in tourism industry needs to achieve asset circulation. Lotai is a very few public chains with mature technology and can support millions of TPS second processing speed. Finally, through screening Lotai assets, it is selected as the sole public chain payer of asset circulation, with Lotai assets, cash, MasterCard consumption, thousands of dollars a day. One-third of the tax rebate subsidy, the strategic signing of this contract is of great significance to Rotai assets. It undertakes all the business from China and the Asian Regional Agent Alliance, and helps Rotai assets realize the real circulation of global assets.

The conference was attended by President, Royal Admiral, Former Chief of Staff of Thailand’s Ministry of Defence, Sen. Senate, former Chairman of Thailand Privatization Committee, former Vice-Minister of Commerce, PINYAR CHOUYPLOD, Global Vice-Chairman of Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance, Aaron, Global Honorary Vice-Chairman of Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance. Mr. Boonruang Srisawat, Chairman of All Love Corporation, Ms. Noppagao Kaesornkatika, General Manager Ms. Kulsiya, Chairman Wang Ying, Chief Expert and Vice President of China-Thailand Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Mr. Roszju, General Manager of Enmei Capital, Mini, Chairman of TCIC Life Promotion Center, Wang Guobin, Shop Owner Bangsue Injungtion, Chairman of Su Huan, Letai Gong Chain Representative Chen Guoxing, Jiang Bushi, Chairman of Likara International Monetary Exchange Company, Thailand, Xu Xiaolong, Chairman of the Zhejiang Business Hotel, Thai Yellow CEO Daniel, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Block Chain Technology Application Association, Mr. Zhu Jiwei, Shenzhen New Famous International Travel Mr. Huang Jianping, Executive Director of Bank Limited, and other government and enterprise representatives from all over the world.

During the meeting we were invited.

Thai ASEAN Ten Business Association President, Royal Admiral and former Chief of Staff of Thailand’s Ministry of Defense Sai Wise Guessen addressed the global conference.

Next came PINYAR CHOUYPLOD, former chairman of the Senate Committee on Privatization in Thailand and former Vice Minister of Commerce, who delivered a keynote speech.

Following that, Mr. Yang Chengduo, vice-chairman of the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance on behalf of Yatai University Health, and Mr. Chen Guoxing, representative of the Rotai Gong Chain, reached a deep strategic cooperation and signed a contract. The Rotai Gong Chain will focus on core resources, build an exchange platform and build a first-class industry leader in the block chain.

In the second half of the conference, a keynote speech was given by the organizations that have reached strategic cooperation with Letai Assets. The first one was the BDMS Pharmaceutical Factory. The BDMS Pharmaceutical Factory is the largest medical factory in Asia with the real name certification of the Asia-Thailand Travel Union. It has 58 medical institutions, Bangkok Airlines and over 80 hospitals in Thailand selling BDMS Pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical products manufactured by factories have assets of 600 billion baht. In the first half of 2019, Letai has also signed a deep strategic cooperation agreement with BDMS, bringing international-class high-quality medicines to the people of the world.

The third one is Letai’s old partner. ALLOVE plant stem cells are the real name certification enterprise of APTA. They are sold in Europe, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. They have cooperated with Letai’s asset strategy for a long time. Kundan, chairman of ALLOVE plant stem cells, has brought us products wearing natural plant stem cells. Share.

With the wonderful theme sharing from various well-known institutions around the world, the first global conference of the Asia-Thailand Tourism Union was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand. It also announces the success of the deep strategic cooperation between Letai Assets and the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance. As the only public-chain payer of assets circulation selected by the Asia-Thailand Tourism Alliance, Letai will make greater efforts to promote the further circulation of assets in the chain of technology research and development and promote the good establishment of diplomatic relations and tourism development between China and Thailand.

Major news media World Daily, Asian Daily, Thai Daily and Thai National Television will jointly report on the global conference with the official Thai Ministry of Commerce and ASEAN Chamber of Commerce.

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