The Latest Version of Photo Editing Software Fotoworks XL Available

The Latest Version of Photo Editing Software Fotoworks XL Available
Fotoworks XL, the leading photo editing software from IN MEDIAKG TI, has been fully brought up to date for 2019!

Fotoworks XL, the leading photo editing software from IN MEDIAKG TI, has been fully brought up to date for 2019 with a significant update that became available in the summer. Users of this photo editing software for Windows 10 can now update their program with all of the latest features and improvements. Fotoworks XL is a photo editing suite that offers users a comprehensive array of features that are designed for newcomers to picture editing as well as expert functions that are suited to professional image makers.

The latest update of Fotoworks XL means you can edit photos in ever more sophisticated ways. Users are able to edit a photo using expert features such as clone stamping which allows them to select an area of their image and replicate it elsewhere, for example. This means you can make a crowd scene look that much busier or to cover up an unwanted section of a photo that is ruining the composition. The photo editing suite also has an improved radial stretch feature that means you can create very novel effects to look like a fisheye lens has been used when the picture was first taken. Crucially, users are now able to use this advanced feature with a color selection tool that allows them to split their red, green and blue hues or to keep them together, depending on the effect that is being created. Another key feature that is available in the latest version of this photo editing software is the ability to view red, green and blue elements in a histogram form which helps photographers to analyses their own work and retouch it accordingly. Crucially, Fotoworks XL offers a similar functionality for greyscale images, too.

The updated version of this photo editing software also has many different functions designed for novices. Indeed, previous versions of the suite have been described as easy photo editing software for beginners because it is so intuitive to pick up. The updated photo editing software retains the same layout and controls, so it is fair to say that Fotoworks XL retains its reputation for the best photo editing software for beginners. One of the ways that it offers easy photo editing for beginners can be seen when its handy manipulation tools are used. The simplest of these is the automatic enhancement tool which is found with a wand icon. Even with no experience of photo editing software at all, users who have just downloaded the suite can make use of this function to improve their pictures with a single click of the mouse. Auto enhancing requires no adjustments or further choices to be made. You click on it and then accept or decline the results from the ensuing preview.

Another of the manipulation tools which makes Fotoworks XL a good photo editing software for beginners to choose is the ‘crop picture’ option. Here, users can use a free cutting tool which allows them to select the area of their image they wish to keep by clicking and dragging, an easy method to pick up. Crucially, however, the photo editing software also allows you to select a standard size of image, such as 5 inches by 7 inches. Photographers who prefer the metric system are also catered for. There again, you can also select standard ratios, such as 1:1 or 16:9, if preferred. All in all, the photo editing software has manipulation tools which make it incredibly straightforward to start altering pictures at will, even for novices.

One of the key features of Fotoworks XL has been the ability to batch process images. This is great if you don’t want to just edit a photo but a whole shoot. Anyone from wedding photographers to portrait snappers may want to alter some key factors over all of the pictures from a single session. For example, if you want to edit photos with a common contrast setting or to add borders to them all, then the editing suite allows you to do so in one fell swoop. Not only is this time saving but it means that all of your images from your shoot – or a series of shoots, for that matter – can be adjusted in the same way so your work achieves a more unified look. The latest version of Fotoworks XL makes doing so a breeze.

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