GreenWorks Environmental in New Jersey is Changing the Way That Homes, Offices, and Facilities Cleanse Their Environment Using SteraMist

GreenWorks Environmental in New Jersey is Changing the Way That Homes, Offices, and Facilities Cleanse Their Environment Using SteraMist
Based in New Jersey, GreenWorks Environmental, LLC (GreenWorks) offers Building Biology services that help identify and correct poor air quality in the built environment. To help with household hygiene, GWE has added SteraMist Environmental Systems to their offerings. SteraMist is a fast-acting disinfection method that uses an ionized fog coupled with hydroxyl atoms to clear out any pathogens from an environment.

Wall Township, NJ – When it comes to decontaminating one’s environment, whether it be at home or in the workplace, one should look to find the best method to cleanse the space. Through GreenWorks, New Jersey residents can receive the best cleansing method with SteraMist. The TOMI SteraMist Environment System is enabling GreenWorks to provide complete room disinfection, decontamination, and infection prevention. While being EPA and US Food & Drug Administration approved, this method is one of the most effective room disinfectant solutions offered today. 

SteraMist treats surfaces or entire room environments while also being fully portable, fast-acting, and makes one’s room safe to re-enter within minutes. This disinfectant method works on all surfaces, including electronics, sensitive medical equipment, and high touch surfaces, while leaving no residue or chemical odor. SteraMist is a fog that requires no rinse or wipes and does not use any toxic byproducts without any diluting or mixing required. No matter the type of building that one is working in, whether it is commercial, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, or health care, SteraMist will provide a clean and safe environment. It’s the ultimate tool to fight bacteria and viruses such as Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1 & Salmonella.

The process of SteraMist utilizes Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) that is a two-step process that activates and ionizes a Hydrogen Peroxide solution through a cold plasma arc. The fog that is created contains a high concentration of Reactive Oxygen Species that consists mostly of hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals damage pathogenic organisms through cellular disruption and dysfunction which allows for disinfection and decontamination of small targeted surfaces to large areas.  

In addition to the offered SteraMist service, GreenWorks also understands how mold works and how it interacts with one’s indoor environment. GreenWorks will assess the mold by sampling it, identifying the moisture trigger and offer a corrective remedy to fix the problem so molds won’t return. Next, GreenWorks will remediate the affected area with an antimicrobial agent and an encapsulant. Finally, to be sure that the mold has been fully removed, a round of clearance testing is done in which the original mold tests are re-created and if the normalcy is not met, the mold remediation is done again until the mold is completely removed.

GreenWorks Environmental is a family-owned environmental advisory and environmental construction firm that helps identify environmental problems while implementing cost-effective corrective remedies. The company offers decades of experience and is located at 3100 State Route 138 Suite 1, Wall Township, NJ.

They can be contacted via phone at 732-223-2073 or via email at [email protected]. For more information regarding GreenWorks Environmental and the services that they offer, visit their website. 

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