Dematerialization industry is growing more rapidly than ever… NoPaperPost France/Bahrain onboards prestigious shareholder!

July 15th, 2019 – On this Bastille Day, along the fireworks which enlighten the country, a France’s venture highly eyed for its technology doubly celebrated the national event with a new structuration: His Royal Highness Dr. Sheikh Khalifa Al Khalifa, Member of the Bahrain Royal Family acquired a stake in NOPAPERPOST WEB PORTALS CO WLL, the French venture that has established its holding company in Bahrain to offer the first all-in-one, blockchain-secured and freemium service for online contract signature, registered mail, large file transfer and document deposit

HRH Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifa & Alexandre Katrangi – July 2019
Photo: Lena Stephenson London / / Insta: lenastephensonphotography

While numerous factors are shaping the dematerialization space, Nopaperpost offers to its clients the key ones.

The quest for the paperless work industry had never been so strong; the drive to find a viable alternative to paper drives organizations to methods of securing and tamper-proofing electronic data; regulatory and compliance issues mandate super-efficient bookkeeping and recordkeeping such as the UN’s MLETR that EDB ratified last year or the ELDAS regulation in Europe; and, of course; and at last, everybody wants to cut, if not eliminate the escalating costs of storing paper — while striving to be a good “green” citizen.

Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifa, an eminent academic and businessman from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Founding President of the University College of Bahrain among other activities, justifies his involvement in NOPAPERPOST: 

“For my part, the question was not whether the services offered by NOPAPERPOST were useful and necessary, but why no one else had ever thought until now to market those services together! 

“Nopaperpost is for me a simple evidence of investment and here in Bahrein we are enthusiastic and determined to allow this company, whose services are so useful for everyone and whose technology is unparalleled in its field of activity, to quickly spread throughout the world,” mentioned HRH Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifa.

Until recently, solutions for dematerialization lacked rock-solid, secure technology — especially at the signature or data stamping layer and the proof of delivery. The technology at the heart of the signature or stamping layer must be able to date-stamp data, verifying its authenticity andNopaperpost had been able to challenge the demands through it unique patented concept with a total ergonomic simple usage. 

Major capital movements are currently being observed within the NOPAPERPOST Group. Alexandre KATRANGI and Louis BELCOLORE, Founders, Shareholders and respectively CEO and CMO of NOPAPERPOST WLL BAHRAIN, are commenting these movements: 

“The exceptional enthusiasm shown towards our company since its recent establishment in Bahrain has determined us to significantly accelerate the pace of its development; in this spirit, the Group’s shareholders unanimously wished to strengthen our management team to successfully complete our very next IPO by the end of 2019 / early 2020,” added Louis Belcolore; “and having Bahrainis as well as new Europeans partners looking at our technologies and investing in our companies shows positive signals.”

Clearly, the best days of dematerialization lie ahead. The signs of the future are plentiful: most organizations which have already experienced the merits of digitizing paper have incorporated dematerialization into their psyches; there’s an insatiable appetite in organizations to replace paper records; and, last but not least, Nopaperpost technology is setting a new standard for excellence in data authentication, certification and security. 

Mr Laurent CAMUS, a well-known French businessman, has just been promoted CEO of our subsidiary NOPAPERPOST SAS FRANCE, specifically for developing key account acquisition in Europe.

Mr Alain BLAISE, Founder of technology asset finance and management companies and funds dedicated to the issuance of Guarantees, becomes the COO of NOPAPERPOST WLL BAHRAIN. He will very soon announce a major update in the use of the BLOCKCHAIN to secure NOPAPERPOST services

“Our holding company NOPAPERPOST WLL BAHRAIN is honored by the serene, benevolent, enthusiastic and unifying presence of SHAIKH KHALID, which stabilizes our shareholding and considerably increases the prestige of our company in the GCC zone and in the World,” commented Louis Belcolore. 

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