The Highlights of Tian Hairong, the Queen of Fashion Haute Couture Show Shines in the Paris Haute Couture Week

Every July, the Paris (Autumn/Winter) Haute Couture Week attracts worldwide attention. Tian Hairong, the famous Chinese actress with the reputation of “Queen of Fashion Haute Couture Show” was invited by Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier, the old fashion houses on the official list of Paris Haute Couture Week, to participate in 2019-2020 Paris (Autumn/Winter) Haute Couture Week. As the highest standard in the fashion industry, couture is characterized by its uniqueness and timeliness, namely, unable to replicate, unable to speed up. Paris Haute Couture Week, as the top banquet in the fashion world, is famous for its precise stereo tailoring, beautiful handicraft and tedious production process.

This time, Tian Hairong was invited by Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier, the old fashion houses on the official list of Paris Haute Couture Week, to watch the show as the top stars of the special invitation. The unique features of couture make every style top-class luxury! Tian Hairong is also the most frequently invited Chinese actress in the front row of Paris Haute Couture Week.

Tian Hairong’s Tour to Paris Haute Couture Week in 2019 – The Dramatic Highlights of Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier’s style is the most avant-garde, unique and dramatic of the official Paris Haute Couture brands that symbolize the highest skills in fashion. As a good friend of the brand for several years, Tian Hairong has a spiritual trait that fits Jean Paul Gaultier perfectly. Tian Hairong can always exert her power in Jean Paul Gaultier’s dramatic world and control the jumping role with great difficulty.

Tian Hairong, who appeared in Paris (Autumn/Winter) Haute Couture Week, injected three souls across time and space into a dress.

Layers of thin whiskraf collars, thin as cicada wings, moved with the wind, prevailed in Elisabeth I. She has two contradictory traits of fragility and firmness. She is Elizabeth I, who is a woman of strategy and decisiveness.

Tian Hairong found the interesting points of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s works by dancing slightly. Jean-Paul Gaultier also paid attention to the interaction between body movement and clothing. He got rid of the rules of stage design for dancers’ convenience. He tightened his knees and looked like a tied vase with high feet. Pendulum, when still, looks like the outline of the 19th century “fair lady” era, but when dancing, it gains unexpected beauty. According to the limitations of clothes, the limbs create a fresh silhouette-like visual illusion effect.

Picture: Backstage of the show, Tian Hairong and Jean Paul Gaultier pitied each other and successfully attracted many photographers

Jean Paul Gaultier said, “Fashion can’t be just clothes hanging on hangers. When I design them, I always imagine what the walkers would wear, as if they were the scene of a song and dance show.”

In Jean Paul Gaultier’s unparalleled dramatic Gaoding stage, many photographers have written down a name in their book: Chinese actress Tian Hairong.

Tian Hairong’s Tour to Paris Haute Couture Week – The Flower Power of Valentino

Paris haute couture is a concrete and slight mirror and key material evidence of social, political and historical changes over the past 100 years. In fashion, flowers have always been the metaphor and password to ladies. Among Valentino’s flowers, Tian Hairong shows a feminine charm like a rose with thorns.

Tian Hairong, a Chinese star who has been shining in Paris Haute Couture Week for many years, also believes that “the power of flowers can change the world”. She likes to represent herself with a rose with thorns. Although the small thorns are not enough to protect herself from harm in the big times, they have the symbolic meaning of keeping her sharp personality. Righteousness, she firmly believes that “every woman is a rose, beautiful and born with thorns, but most of their sharp edges are damaged in the collision with reality again and again.”


In the series of feminists she created, such as blooming flowers, Tian Hairong’s small label will always be printed. The small personality spikes of stubbornness and arrogance make her character unique. No matter how charming and charming her appearance is, her heart is a rose that retains its edge and refuses to compromise.

Tian Hairong’s dress came from Pierpaolo Picciolish, the successor of Mr. Valentino. The Marrakesh Garden, which Ive Saint Laurent avoided, was added to the emotional design board. The white hollow-out carvings made the extremely intense color garden return to its original meaning. The complicated work and simple omission achieved a strange balance on the dress. White embroidery flowers on white fabrics, although full of heavy work embroidery, sequins embellished color restrained and elegant, the overall profile smooth and simple, complex and simple miraculous harmonious coexistence, in the noise of the world to seek simplicity and washing. On the one hand, it efforts to reduce the existence of color modestly, on the other hand, the willful and arbitrary not to let go of any inch of position, vaguely revealing a sense of contradiction and fantasy, with a strong romantic era implied plump sleeve cage.

Printing, stitching, embroidery, lace, applique embroidery, mesh lace and other intricate advanced customization processes, layers of layers in the plane to create a garden with depth of field effect, the same as shaping a female image with a depth of complex personality such as flowers.

With the rich sleeves implied by the era of strong romanticism, the expression of the ultimate dreamlike beauty can be comparable to that of Jennifer Morris in Rossetti’s daydream paintings of the former Raphaelian school.

Every Valentino lady’s dress is a carefully carved thesis on woman’s identity. Day after day, at no expense of cost, it challenges the highest realm that human can reach by hand. It’s a special and extremely elaborate craft. It’s another form of solemn thinking made by the brain through both hands: clothes are not only a dress, but also a reflection of the world. Through time and space, it tells stories, it symbolizes life…

Believing in Beautiful Gardens

The dress challenges not only Matisse’s beast paintings on the whole wall of the museum’s huge exhibition hall, but also the spectacular paper-cut rose-glass windows of South Fawans Church.

Henri Matisse, at his 80 years old, devoted all his efforts in the wheelchair, created the rose window in the form of paper-cut collage, which is called the most beautiful religious presentation in modern times.

Deconstructing flowers, enlarging and deforming flowers and leaves, printing and embroidery are interlaced in various techniques, which shocks a powerful totem of faith. Being a few simple flowers, the deconstructed flower decoration stitches up a spectacular landscape. It reflects the beauty and complexity of our reality.

Fragile though it is, a flower can be spectacular.

On the official website of Valentino, we can see that “the metaphor of couture means lightweight and colorful are like blooming flowers. Petals, corollaries, clusters of flowers are blooming and leafy, kissing the body and burning the eyes.”

Everything has its roots and sprouts in a thousand turns. Then it blooms on the skin.

The power of flowers to grow tenaciously is the power of ladies.

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