OAIC Exchange (OAICex) 7.15 heavy online, platform currency OAIC world premiere, officially opened a new chapter in the new era of digital finance

The most anticipated new generation of 3.0 digital asset exchange in 2019

The OAICex is the first STO digital asset exchange in Australia and the first exchange in Australia to receive full financial financing from the digital financial platform. OAIC Exchange owns three licenses, such as legal currency transactions, cryptocurrency transactions and securities platform currency transactions, which means the compliance of the exchanges and has been recognized and supported by the Australian government. The exchange team is unique in its quality, business scope, service features and system security.

Global exchange

The OAICex Pass has set up independent operation centers in Australia, Singapore, New York, and Cambridge, England, and operates independently from the regional level. Each operation center has realized information and resource sharing and become a global exchange.

An exchange established by the top digital finance industry

The OAIC Global Digital Asset Exchange was founded by Andy Evans of Australia’s Horo Foundation, founder of Makers Venture Capital, founder of Digital USD in New York, and Johnson Zhao, founder of MICI, as general counsel, Chicago, USA MBA of the University Buss Business School, who served as CEO of Alvin B.Maala, an executive of three hedge funds in Wall Street, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Other core members are from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea and other regions. The attitude leads the exchange to move forward.

A comprehensive, one-stop service exchange

As a global trading platform, OAICex can realize five major trading functions such as “C2C trading”, “coin trading”, “contract trading”, “failed currency trading” and “STO trading”, supporting multi-currency. Development, massive concurrency. At the same time, it also provides STO incubation and STO full-service services, especially to promote small and medium-sized technology companies to the capital market, allowing investors to have more investment options, so that the advantages of the sea-finance exchange in the digital financial market competition.

STO project incubation: OAICex is a one-stop global securities-based escrow economy for digital financial value investors, and the integrated business of tens of billions of market applications. Haitong Pass builds VIE, a professional and efficient team, and provides a one-stop service process in the STO field to complete the STO project listing within three months.

STO full case service: OAICex’s global resource integration business, including but not limited to global media announcements, conference roadshows, and fundraising services, is targeted at OAICex’s brand packaging, traffic aggregation, fundraising, liquidity enhancement, global The platform deployment and continuous value increase are the most competitive online and vertical services.

OAICex uses a multi-layered security system and IAM to prevent unauthorized account intrusion and a combination of hot and cold wallets to provide multiple layers of security. Once an exception occurs, the system can be reset in seconds to protect the user. Capital security and the normal operation of the platform.

The official launch of OAICex is bound to revolutionize the global digital financial market.

(OAICex is on-line, and the global is in progress, so stay tuned!)

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