Brings Innovative Products Designed to Enhance Personal Beauty & Health

For the modern consumer, OnlyFashionOnlyNew Electronics Co., Ltd. has some amazing products, such as facial blackhead removal, magnetic switch lamp and pocket heart monitor that can be used for improving health and beauty of individuals.

For personal grooming and maintaining a good health, people can now take the help of some amazing items that OnlyFashionOnlyNew has now in its collection. These products are designed with some exceptional features and are also available with an ergonomic design. One can easily use these products for removing blackheads, scrubbing of the skin, monitoring heart rate and other such purposes.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, one should check their product named gustala YZ- m010, which is an excellent ultrasonic facial skin scrubber. This scrubber is rechargeable and cordless and can easily be used for facial blackhead removal. The product is mainly designed for rejuvenating skin by eliminating dead cells. The spokesperson states that it can effectively remove blackheads and dead cells to avoid stacking of cuticles. It will also relieve melanin and can whiten the skin. Moreover, the product can help store the skin elasticity, so that one’s skin becomes tight and smooth. The skin scrubber features a powerful ultrasonic vibration of 24,000Hz per second and can easily remove dirt from the deeper skin pores. It can also accelerate blood circulation and can promote metabolism. Brings Innovative Products Designed to Enhance Personal Beauty & Health

Another remarkable product to explore in their collection is the ACurio AF – 706- L pocket heart monitor. This handheld device can be used in clinics, hospitals or even at homes for the daily heart rate monitoring of an individual. The device comes with an ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver. There is also an analog signal processing unit and two optional screens. The spokesperson states that the FHR calculating unit of the device can accurately measure the FHR of a pregnant woman. With a lower ultrasound power, it is safe for the fetus and can check FHR with reliability. It also comes with a built-in speaker to help share a healthy heartbeat with others in the family or with friends. The device will shut off in case of there is no activity for at least one minute. This way it saves power and can operate in a more durable manner.

The online store also brings the magnetic switch lamp for all those who want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their room. This is a creative and smart magnetic switch LED table light that one can place on the writing desk, beside the coffee table and other places. There are two magnetic wooden balls in the lamp that help operate it. With an elegant appearance, the lamp has a gentle curve to make its light soothing to the eyes. The smooth surface of the lamp indicates its exquisite workmanship. The spokesperson states that this beautiful lamp can be regarded as a piece of art to decorate a home or an office.

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