CNFSimulator.A320 Flight Simulator was shown on The Shanghai 2018 Innovation & Technology Fair

The Shanghai 2018 Innovation & Technology Fair is a main event that is taking place in each year to showcase the excellence of Chinese manufactures and innovators. CnTech as a leading technological company in the country, got the opportunity to take part in the event. We experienced a footfall, which is not expected, and made us more confident about the future of aviation industry. CNFSimulator.A320 was the key attractant in CnTech stall. We made it available for everyone who visited the stall and offered the rare opportunity to experience the flight simulator. More than 1,500 people stepped in to the stall which is a promising value for us. As a gratitude for that, we offered the chance to fly the flight simulator on their own and let them to gather a lifetime experience.

Figure 1 Child Getting Lessons from a CnTech Employee to Fly the CNFSimulator.A320

Version 4.2 of the CNFSimulator.A320 which is the newest upgrade of the A320 CNFSimulator was placed in the technology fair. The coequal cockpit with real world A320 cockpit made the flying experience of the users exactly same as flying a real A320 aircraft. Perfect imitation of interior panels, cockpit instruments and windows along with the 4K immersive display screens were the newest features that were among the upgraded version. These new 4K displays having the ability to create vivid Out-The-Window (OTW) depictions that make the flying experience more realistic. Apart from that, specially adopted interior lightning system also improved the flying experience to a greater extent.

The Shanghai 2018 Innovation & Technology Fair was a fountain of knowledge for the people, especially for students. CnTech took each and every measure to convey the knowledge and technology which is associated with our CNFSimulators to the students. We conduct few educational briefings for the students and people who were gathered, and gave a basic knowledge about the flight simulators including, how they are manufactured, what technology is used, how the supreme coequality is achieved and how to do the software configuration part in a flight simulator. Apart from the technical details, we explained how CnTech offers the servicers for the buyers all around the world and what response they have given for our immaculate service. We highlighted the fact that, CnTech is having a world-class after service.

Many children got the chance to fly the flight simulator with one of our employee where they taught the basics of flying. Their enthusiasm and genuine interest to fly made us more courageous as a company.  A full flying experience including take-off, climb, cruise, decent and landing was given to the children depending on the availability of time. Many parents were satisfied as their children got their ambitions inspired while some children made new ambitions to become pilots, flight instructors, aircraft engineers and to pursue a career in aviation.

Figure 2 – People Waiting for Their Turn to Experience the Flight Simulator

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