Breastfeeding mom creates a lactation decaf coffee to help mothers struggling with supply

Breastfeeding mom creates a lactation decaf coffee to help mothers struggling with supply
Breastfeeding mother, fan and advocate combines her passion for coffee and struggles experienced while breastfeeding her son to create “Milksta Mommy Brew”

Milksta Mommy Brew is a new product that is specifically created to address the needs of breastfeeding moms, particularly the ones who would like to push with breastfeeding and struggling with supply. The organic, decaf, and vegan nursing coffee was created by a breastfeeding mother and advocate after she struggled to feed her newborn due to delay in lactation and pains when her milk eventually came.

Babies are gifts to their parents and the world at large and parents spend all the resources at their disposal to ensure that they get the best possible care. Mothers are particularly at the forefront of providing the care, giving the baby the best meal at the time – breastmilk. Unfortunately, millions of women across the globe often struggle to feed their babies in the first few weeks. This was the case of an English-speaking mother that gave birth in a small city in Brazil.

The first few weeks after birth was terrifying for the new mother to say the least, battling with breastfeeding her baby and trying multiple galactagogues. She experienced several issues including mastitis, nipple thrush, baby’s lip & tongue ties plus recurring clogged ducts. However, she overcame the several the challenges, including having to fly across the globe with her boy that continues to enjoy the immense benefits of breastfeeding, one of which is a steel immune system.

Milksta Breastfeeding Coffee is especially formulated with 100% PURE & NATURAL organic herbal extracts to help boost breast milk supply and production. Using a combination of superfoods and vitamin rich ingredients such as Spinach, Carrots, Brewer’s yeast, Dates, Oat & Coconut oil creamer, and Moringa leaves, the formula can also help to combat the baby blues and fight off fatigue while increasing and regulating milk production.

The easy-to-brew decaf coffee allows mothers to indulge in the rich, full taste of a hot cup of “latte” without all the negative effects of regular coffee while enjoying its high anti-oxidant feature and using a Calorie-FREE sweetener that would not spike blood sugar.

Each box of Milksta Mommy Brew includes 16 sachets of instant nursing coffee with 1 sachet equaling 18 grams.

More information about Milksta Mommy Brew can be found on the website. You can also find Milksta Mommy Brew on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram

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