How Smart Technology is Driving Developments in Home and Business Security

Once it was viewed as a symbol of Big Brother, where the authorities could spy on citizens and privacy and civil liberties were completely disregarded. But in recent years camera surveillance has undergone something of a re-evaluation, as the benefits of CCTV have proved decisive in a number of criminal cases and incidents.

Add to this the growing worth of the smart home market, and the spread of the Internet of Things throughout many areas of people’s lives, and it is no surprise to see the increased popularity of home surveillance systems. The global smart home market is estimated to hit nearly $53.5 billion by 2022, with home monitoring and security set to be the second largest category behind video entertainment.

“With many atrocities reported on a seemingly daily basis around the globe, people are more conscious of their home security,” said a spokesperson for CCTV Systems, specialists in home and commercial security installations. “Not only are they are now more alert to these types of threat, but thanks to technological advances they are now in a position where they don’t have to tolerate it.

“Many of the concerns about surveillance in the past have been related to mass surveillance – the idea of an unchecked, access-all-areas state of constant surveillance by governments and other authorities worldwide. In reality, home surveillance is using the Internet of Things and smart home systems to restrict observations to an individual basis.”

According to a study by the University of Leicester, the United Kingdom leads the way in terms of global use of CCTV, supported by successive UK governments who have used it to fuel their campaign to be “tough on crime”. The study says there is widespread public support for increased surveillance because the sense of risk to societies worldwide is high – but adds that this can quickly change if the technology fails to measure up.

“CCTV has come so far in recent years and technology is driving even further changes at a rapid pace,” adds the spokesperson. “Outdoor cameras are generally weatherproof and the right installation expert can recommend the best positions for home or business security – whether it’s at a height to prevent vandalism or away from other sources of light to prevent reflection on the lenses, there are many steps to be taken to make modern security systems completely reliable and effective.

“Through a safe and secure wireless set-up, the surveillance systems we install link up through Wi-Fi to mobile devices or computers to provide customers with real-time footage in a range of different resolutions – all the way up to 4K. Whereas older surveillance systems recorded footage that was ‘after the fact’, smart home technology streams footage and allows customers to keep fully up to date with things as they are happening.”

A further security method offered by CCTV Systems is the Smart Door Lock – a system of remotely locking the doors of a home or business via Smartphone. This system also allows a user to check that their front door is securely locked, and has not been left ajar.

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CCTV Systems is a Toronto-based installer of CCTV and wireless security systems, including 4K digital cameras that stream to mobile devices and record footage to a hard drive. Their products also include wireless door locking systems that grants and limits access for specific individuals. CCTV Systems also offer a 5% discount for anyone signing up to their newsletter.

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