How Advanced Technology and Sustainable Processes are Creating Sleep Solutions

Getting a good night’s sleep is increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world, where many people are switched on to work and other distractions 24/7. It is precisely because of these distractions that a quality sleep pattern can be difficult to attain.

However, advances in technology means healthy sleep is likely to be more in reach for people who are struggling to get a good night’s rest. Bedding experts Zen Mattress have developed a range of products that make use of modified fibers and gels to control various issues for sleepers, such as allergens, body temperature and pressure on joints.

Their most notable product is the Bed in a Box – specially created mattresses that offer a range of sleep benefits, while also being packaged in a way that allows easy transport and delivery to homes. This means that the mattresses are compressed by a machine to fit into a manageable box that can be comfortably carried through people’s homes to their desired room – once removed from the box, the mattress will automatically expand to regain its size and shape, taking no more than two days to do so.

There are three variations of the Bed in a Box mattress, according to the needs of customers. The most basic is Zen100, which is a 9” foam mattress built from three layers that work together to remove toxins from the bedding as well as regulating body temperature. One layer is blue bio gel, which contains micro pockets that help keep the mattress cool; the second layer is a bio foam that is based on soya – this keeps its shape and prevents motion transfer, which is when the movement of one sleeper carries through the mattress to disturb another sleeper; the third layer is circulated core foam, which allows air to flow through the mattress.

The Zen200 is an 11” version of the Zen100 although it adds a coil layer – making it a hybrid mattress – to provide orthopedic reinforcement by relieving the pressure on joints and any other painful area of the body. Finally, the Zen300 takes the approach of the Zen200 mattress and builds it into a 12.5” version that replaces the circulated core foam with pocket coils, which increases airflow and pressure resistance even further through a system of individually encased pockets.

“With over 30 years’ experience, we have built up an expert knowledge of the key elements necessary for quality sleep,” said a spokesperson for Zen Mattress. “Temperature control, and the removal of motion transfer, allergens and back and joint pain – these are all key in bedding that enables people to sleep well. We constantly pursue the latest technology that enhances these key elements, and we test these rigorously through six months of sleep trials.”

The company applies this technological approach to a number of other products, such as the memory pillow, the meditate pillow and the Zen mattress cover, which are designed to augment the mattress sleep experience. Zen Mattress also offers a 100-night sleep guarantee, with a refund or exchange offered to any customer who feels their mattress does not meet their requirements.

About Zen Mattress

Based in North York, Ontario, Zen Mattress is manned by a team of professionals with over 30 years’ experience, and uses materials that are sourced locally within Canada. They are also environmentally aware, with sustainable production methods and the use of raw materials that are biodegradable. Zen Mattress also offers customers a ten-year warranty.

The company website is and they can be followed on social media at Instagram and Facebook.

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