How Mobile Phone LCD Screen Recycling Reduces the Waste of Resources and Helps Mobile Phone Repair Shops Gain More Profits

A cracked mobile phone LCD screen is thought to be as good as useless. However, the truth is that there are still quite a few uses that cracked phone screens can provide. In fact, by recycling them, it is possible for one to earn back a sum of one’s investment. Usually cracked screens are thrown or discarded without a second thought. But recently, certain businesses have attempted to make use of them. Through recycling, these LCD screens can be refurbished and become reusable. One such business attempting to partake in this process is LCD Recycling Online.

They recycle over 2.5 million broken, cracked or damaged LCD screens every year. These are collected from over 1500 businesses worldwide.  Through this, mobile repair shops are able to boost their personal profits, while also ensuring they play a part in bettering the environment. As cracked screens are usually thrown away, resulting in wastage of money and material, an alternative is definitely welcome by many. LCD Recycling Online provides a solution to a common problem, resulting in a win-win situation. Through their efforts, not only can LCD screens be recycled more effectively, but it also results in profits for repair shops.

LCD Recycling Online has been in this business for some time now and understands the various rates and profits involved. They always strive to provide their partners with the best possible prices. Since they directly utilize the recycled LCDs, they have managed to cut out any potential middlemen. Thus, they can offer the best possible rates without worrying about additional costs and cuts. Their service is also open to any and all cellphone repair shops. This is great news in particular to businesses that may have found it hard to breakeven or develop a new branch. With an additional source of income from cracked LCDs, one can ensure they are able to get their business running with new capital, increased salaries or potential investments.

A benefit that LCD Recycling Online provides to their clients is that they never misquote or underprice the LCD Buyback Prices of the screens. Quite often, recyclers will give a high initial quote but when the screen arrives, they’ll downplay the quality. As such, one gets much less than they initially expected. Being a long-time reliable business, they provide their partners with consistent prices on the buyback. They stick to their initially offered quotes as much as possible.

In fact, one can even check out their detailed grading guide and learn more about how they value the types of screens. Through this, one knows exactly the price they should expect, and how much they’ll receive through the transaction. Not only does this nurture a better environment, but it also ensures secure and safe transactions. One can visit their official website to find out more about how their grading system works. They also mention the various pricing of various LCD screens based on good condition, partial damage or complete damage.

The entire LCD Buyback Program is quite simple, and one can receive their payment in less than two business days. It all starts with submitting an order on their website. One can review their grading guide and decide the quality of the screen, and then simply submit a request. Then, the broken LCD is to be packed properly and shipped out. The tracking number is to be shared with LCD Recycling Online. Once received, the screen will be checked to ensure it meets the grading guide. And once, this has been ensured, the business will receive their payment within just one to two business days.

The smoothness of this process ensures that businesses can truly take advantage of it. It manages to become a real stream of sustainable income for businesses. So any business that wishes to take advantage of broken LCD screens can do so at This has truly become one of the premier options to raise additional funds for one’s business while ensuring that one is doing their part to reuse and recycle.

About LCD Recycling Online:

LCD Recycling Online is a cross-regional company specialized in the field of LCD screens recycling with great advantages. Their company started the business since 2009. After 10 years of development, they have become the Hong Kong company with the largest recycling volume in Huaqiang, North Shenzhen (Electronic Products Trading Center).

They are the original LCD screen recycling buyers, which allow for a rich industrial experience in this field. They have first-class technical talents and have developed their business concepts around customer satisfaction, quality, and service. Now they are expanding their business into all aspects of mobile phone spare parts, of which LCD screens recycling is the part they attach the most importance.

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