Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes – An Inspirational “User’s Manual” for Living with Chronic Illness

A Future With Hope now an Amazon #1 Bestselling Book.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Carl S. Armato was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 18 months old. Doctors told his parents he’d go blind by his twenties, and probably not live past thirty. Today he is in his fifties, the President and CEO of Novant Health, one of America’s largest and most respected healthcare organizations. He’s married with three children, and thriving.

“Deeply courageous and highly inspirational.” – John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press, Five Stars

“Diabetes is war, and you fight if you want to survive,” Armato says in his profoundly encouraging new book, A Future with Hope, An Inspiring Guide to Overcoming Diabetes. Surrounded by supportive parents who decided their son would live life to the fullest, Armato learned early on how to make the best of a bad situation. “If you can’t beat it, you can live with it,” he says.

“This is one inspiring book on many levels, a tribute to the human spirit and to the many fellow patients with diabetes, as well as an immensely entertaining and informative volume.” – Dr. Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

With unflinching honesty, Armato discusses his challenges amid the desire to live a “normal” life. Often, people look at a chronic diagnosis one of two ways: as an excuse to give up, or with denial. Armato argues that neither is healthy. Instead, he has embraced his disease and works diligently to keep his health under control. Only then, he knows, can he do all of the other things he wants to do. He played sports throughout school, received a graduate degree in college, and now leads a demanding career and owns a horse ranch.

Interspersed with excerpts from his wife and mother – his two main support staff – this book is a positive and uplifting story of what can go right when the rest of the medical world is telling you what can go wrong.

“If you are diabetic, part of the support system of a diabetic, or you simply know someone who is diabetic, this book is an absolute must-read.” – Mike Ball, Erma Bombeck Award-Winning Author

“Owning the disease is not easy,” says Armato, who is open about his diabetes. He never knows when he’ll be in an insulin crisis and need help. “Tell; don’t tell – the choice is yours. But one thing that is not up for debate is the need to own the management of your heath.” His book will especially resonate with teens, who naturally want to be “normal” and fit in. Armato understands, but he also knows from experience that management is the only way “normal” can be possible. His proof is a life well lived. “Courage is what it takes to become a successful diabetes self-manager. Your full, rich life depends on it.”

This easy-to-read book is both a practical “user’s manual” and an inspirational volume, proving that a Type 1 diagnosis doesn’t have to be an end-all, and that you can still follow your dreams.

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A Future with Hope, An Inspiring Guide to Overcoming Diabetes, ISBN 978-0692153147, $19.99 Hardcover, ASIN B07KJ965MK, $9.99 ebook, 2019, Carl S. Armato, 200 pages, available on Amazon.

About Carl S. Armato

Carl S. Armato chooses to live his best life because of, and not in spite of, his diabetes. He is president and CEO of Novant Health, one of America’s largest and most respected healthcare organizations and serves in myriad professional and civic roles, locally and nationally. He often speaks on the topic of his disease, emphasizing the need for a support system. He is the author of It’s Never Just Another Monday, and the new book A Future with Hope, An Inspiring Guide to Overcoming Diabetes, about his journey with the disease. He and his wife have three children, and live in North Carolina.

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