Research Sheds Light on Challenges Faced by Nursing Students and the Associated Consequences

Clinical nursing learning fundamentally contributes toward quality student progress and the future of quality nursing care. Patient safety is deeply linked to the quality of the education received and the clinical experience achieved during placements. However, medical error continues to occur. It is believed that approximately 1 million patients are hurt and 98,000 die as a result of medical errors in the United States every year.

Research has shown that the quality of medical education amongst nursing students can play a key role in lowering medical errors and improving overall safety culture and process quality. In order for this to happen, nursing students must overcome a series of challenges associated with the clinical learning environment.

The main factors impacting clinical learning

Approximately 75% of nursing students experience communication issues during the learning process, and 24% say they find it complicated to endure such stressful conditions. Communication can either refer to interaction between various healthcare professionals, students and their mentors, or patients.

Clinical rotations demand effective, timely and streamlined communication and this is not as easy to achieve as it sounds in the highly pressured and constantly moving healthcare environment. Nursing students can easily get overwhelmed and stressed trying to stay on top of clinical rotations, background checks, drug screenings, various patient cases and other responsibilities. Because of this, patient safety can be jeopardized.

An app is helping take some of the burden off

To bridge this communication gap, collective action and effort is needed in more than one area. However, one app developer has stepped in to provide support and address some of the typical challenges associated with clinical rotations so that nursing students have one less thing to worry about.

Rotation Manager is our vision for a more streamlined management of rotation information. On one hand, nursing students have to juggle HR paperwork, shifts, instructors and locations which is not always easy on top of other responsibilities. On the other, an overflow of information coupled with communication gaps can lead to life-threatening circumstances. The wrong patients can be administered the wrong drugs or dose, disjointed information around supervision and monitoring can also occur, all affecting patient safety. Taking notes and digesting information on the spot, while also performing procedures is also not easy for a first time nursing student. We have created an all-encompassing solution that not only makes clinical management easy and effective, but it also allows nursing students to focus on what’s important right there and then,” said a Rotation Manager representative.

About Rotation Manager

Rotation Manager is an innovative software solution that promises to take the stress out of clinical rotation management. Administrative flow issues can be made obsolete with the help of an app that automates schedules and data. Affiliated schools or clinical sites and nursing students can benefit from one shared platform at the touch of their fingers, anytime and anywhere.

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