Why Basement Apartment Renovations Are the Latest Trend

For years basement renovations usually involved adding a bar or a rec room to one’s house. These ideas were once considered fashionable, but eventually become passé, and then finally were considered tacky. Changes in social norms and needs have resulted in a shift to more practical ideas for basement renovations like adding an extra bathroom or even a private theatre. What has become a more common renovation, however, is to create that one thing in a basement that has so many varied uses: an apartment.

A basement apartment was something seldom thought of in the past, but has become a sensible addition to a house and for a number of reasons:

Independence – A good first step for children taking their first steps into adulthood is to have a private apartment in the basement that allows them to have a certain sense of privacy, but without all the hassles and responsibilities of having an apartment elsewhere. They’re also an excellent place for a son or daughter in college to use while they try to save money for tuition.

Elder Care – With an aging boomer generation, care of parents and grandparents is fast becoming a new concern for younger generations who know they will eventually have to take care of them. With the boomers set to outnumber kids under the age of eighteen by 2030, the benefit of having a basement apartment where parents can reside when they can no longer live on their own becomes obvious.

Extra Income – Financing a home can become troublesome when faced with mortgage and bill payments, not to mention the possibility of job loss. Converting the basement into an apartment guarantees extra income for the foreseeable future.

Resale Price – For many people looking to sell their homes, a basement apartment can have the benefit of making a home a more desirable purchase. A couple or family looking to purchase a new home will see the extra income from renting their basement apartment out as a pro to buying that property as opposed to a house without one.

An In-House Guest House – There are people who have frequent visitors whether it be family or friends staying over. The ability to be able to have privacy from their guests, and for their guests, makes converting unused space in the basement into a great benefit for the entire family.

The bar and recreation room are becoming something of the past, while basement apartments are showing themselves to be a practical and versatile benefit to home ownership in today’s economy.

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