Graham Taylor Shares His Six Decades of Experience for People Wanting To Raise Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots are a great option for a pet but can be challenging to raise. Graham Taylor offers an extremely detailed book for those who want to raise Eclectus Parrots in their homes

Australia – Eclectus Parrots are one of the most adorable creatures to have in the home. They are funny, beautiful, intelligent, and can talk. To successfully raise an Eclectus Parrota in the home requires information from a seasoned expert. Here is where Graham Taylor comes in.

Graham Taylor has been raising Eclectus Parrots since he was nine years old. He shares his many years of experience and expertise to help anyone who wants to have an Eclectus Parrots in their life.

His website in the right place to get information about how to have an eclectus pet. He also has a book titled “‘Eclectus Parrots’ an Experience” which offers an in-depth analysis of what the animal is and how to successfully own and manage one. It contains information on subspecies identification, housing, feeding, diet, cross-breeding, nesting, and other necessary details.

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Graham Taylor is passionate about wildlife and efforts to conserve and protecting endangered species. In the past decades, he has set up a bird park, ran a zoo of more than 1,500 birds, and breed a wide range of parrot species and subspecies.

Having access to useful resources is one of the most important things needed to successfully raise parrots. Graham Taylor’s website offers detailed information provided by an expert of more than five decades of experience. The audience has unrestricted access to details like housing, to help protect the parrot during normal weather and extreme weather conditions.

There is also a gallery with images of Eclectus Parrots so readers can easily identify subspecies when making a decision on the right parrot to choose for their home.

Those looking for exclusive, more detailed, and comprehensive information should order for the book. Readers have access to 225 pages of exclusive content that includes texts, guides, instructions, images, and stunning photos. The book was written by Graham in 2003 with a revised 2014 Digital Edition. The first ten pages are available for preview while the book can easily be ordered via PayPal with PDF download. It can also be ordered via money order or Cheque.  

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