Exclusive Buyer and Seller Real Estate Leads Offered By Market Super Force

Exclusive Buyer and Seller Real Estate Leads Offered By Market Super Force
Market Super Force is an internet-based company that provides exclusive leads to real estate brokers. Their technology is designed to narrow down the target audience and reach out to qualified leads before they have spoken to a competitor.

USA – When it comes to buying or selling a home, real estate brokers are competing against multiple local brokers in their area. In a seller’s market, it can be very difficult for brokers and their agents to get new clients. If a real estate professional relies mainly on referrals and traditional canvassing, it may be hard to predict revenue. They are not capturing online prospects efficiently at a time when most leads start online.

Market Super Force is a top internet marketing agency that specializes in providing buyer and seller real estate leads through a three-step process:

First, the system identifies your target clients using data-driven analysis and places ads in front of these potential clients who are actually in the market to buy or sell their home. Marketing appears as often and in as many places as possible, whether that is social media, search engines, or websites. 

 The second step of the process is to contact the prospects first. Statistically, prospects go with the first real estate professional they contact. Market Super Force gives you the advantage by identifying potential clients early on.

 The third step is lead follow-up done for you to engage the prospect immediately upon them showing interest. The lead is then delivered to you, and no one else, to act on.

Market Super Force (https://www.marketsuperforce.com/) is able to provide superior leads to brokers by analyzing their ideal clients. This is done through data driven marketing technology using past behavior instead of just demographics to determine what those people did online prior to becoming their ideal client. This includes browsing, searches, and social media activity.

This Predictive Client Acquisition Technology (PCAT) analyzes 25 billion data points every day. Next, PCAT uses that data to reconstruct the online behavior of the ideal prospects in the days, weeks, and months prior to purchase. PCAT will maintain a real-time list of individuals whose online behavior matches this model of your ideal prospect. As PCAT generates more data, it continues to improve. By constant improvement, the results that PCAT provides will continue to get better over time. 

By working with Mark Goodman and Market Super Force, you optimize your target audience. Your ad spend is focused on real prospects. Their proprietary “Speed-To-Lead” follow up system gets back to the prospects instantly.

Market Super Force is an internet-based company located in the United States. Contact Mark Goodman via phone at 828-400-4028 or via email at [email protected]. For more information regarding their services and how they can assist real estate brokers, visit their website and check out their video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6mjWiH2TRY.

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