Global Corporation, Sentech GMI, Known for Breathalyzer Technology, Wins Over Ketogenic Influencers with Newest Innovation, KETOSCAN Mini

Global Corporation, Sentech GMI, Known for Breathalyzer Technology, Wins Over Ketogenic Influencers with Newest Innovation, KETOSCAN Mini

Los Angeles, CA – Formerly considered a diet used only for extremely overweight patients and monitored closely by physicians, the ketogenic diet is quickly gaining traction worldwide. A low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet, the goal is more than weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but to reach ketosis. Ketosis is a state the body reaches when it burns fat, instead of carbs, for fuel.

KETOSCAN Mini a $149.99 device available on Amazon, makes it easy for people doing keto to track ketosis with breath sensor technology, rather than resorting to more tedious methods like blood or urine testing.

KETOSCAN Mini is the latest innovation from Sentech GMI, a subsidiary company of Sentech Korea Corp. For over 20 years, Sentech has manufactured more than 30 kinds of breath alcohol testers, including for law enforcement, and is a global powerhouse in breathalyzer technology.

KETOSCAN has the unique ability to either work on its own or sync with a mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Possessing a sleek, slim design, the device measures up to 99 PPM (parts per million).  Additionally, the highly sensitive acetone sensor has 10 times more selectivity for ethanol and 50 times more selectivity for hydrogen gas.

The Ketogenic lifestyle has evolved tremendously over the last few years, and is a go-to among fitness enthusiasts and influencers.

Mother, blogger, and influencer Arlette Karamian, likes how KETOSCAN has helped her stay on track with her keto diet.

“I highly recommend the KETOSCAN Mini for anyone who is on the Keto Diet or Low Carb diet. It takes the guesswork out and ensures your hard work and dedication towards a healthier you is indeed working.”

She also comments on the device’s ease of use. “The KETOSCAN Mini is a small, handheld device that monitors your ketone status by analyzing the substances in your breath. You simply breathe into it for three seconds and get your results! It is extremely simple and convenient. You can use it anywhere and anytime.”

Popular ketogenic author and blogger, Genevieve Ashworth, also known as “GIGI Eats,” is also a fan of the device. “KETOSCAN Mini is NOT A PRICK! That’s because you don’t have to prick yourself to see if you’re a fat burning machine or not!”

By “prick” Ashworth is referring to the not very fun (or easy) option of finger pricking to test for ketone levels.

“The market has been dominated by blood ketone testers but we think breath ketone testers will take more bigger market share as time passes and the mobile app to track and monitor your data will be essential,” commented Do Joon Yoo, Sentech’s CEO.

Ketoscan, which is an FDA class 1 approved device in the USA, is poised to become the go-to for people following Keto. In late June 2019, the company exhibited at KetoCon, one of the world’s largest keto conventions, where it gained traction among keto influencers and newly inducted keto dieters alike.

KETOSCAN Mini is currently available on Amazon and ships nationwide.


KETOSCAN Mini is a product released by Sentech GMI, the subsidiary company established by Sentech Korea. SENTECH is currently exporting its products to more than 50 countries and has become a leading manufacturer in the global market of breathalyzer technology.

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