Crowson Law Group Offers Free Case Evaluation For Motorcycle Accidents

Crowson Law Group Offers Free Case Evaluation For Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents unfortunately result in severe injury or death for the driver. As a result, safety is of the utmost importance for bikers. Generally, the injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents is because of the general design of motorcycles in that they lack an outer frame and safety belts that keep the driver and passenger in place thus reducing risk of being thrown off the bike. However, it is not uncommon for some accidents to be a result of a manufacturer defects. When this is the case, no amount of safety adherence will prevent an incident from happening.
Accidents and vehicle crashes may lead to health complications, disability either temporary or permanent, long-term medical needs and a life of hardship. Additionally, determining the responsible party for such issues is often difficult and complicated. And it is for all of these reasons that it is important to seek representation by an Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle accident lawyers uncomplicate processes and ensure that everything is filed accordingly. As a result, it is imperative that the driver of the motorcycle be aware of his or her rights and how to resolve such matters fully. One article puts it this way, “When confronting legal battles and medical concerns, dividing the attention of the victim may end in failed litigation.”
Motorcycle drivers have the relative freedom of the road as they have more access and easier maneuverability when traveling. Unfortunately, with these freedoms come many dangers. The presence of passenger and commercial vehicles on the road can result in debilitating injuries. Therefore, it is important for injured persons to know their rights to recover after an incident occurs. It should be noted that statistically two-thirds of all accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle have had the biker’s right-of-way on the road violated. And such incidents led to the accident that occurred. The lack of protective barriers, guidelines followed on the road and other issues result in a motorcycle driver being 20 times more likely to lose their life when a collision occurs with a passenger or commercial vehicle. This is 5 times the more likelihood of injury existing in passenger or commercial vehicles.
As with many accidents and collisions the primary concern is determining accountability and establishing negligence. In instances where the driver of the bike is partially at fault, he or she can still recover some compensation for the medical or financial responsibilities. However, if defects in the motorcycle caused the accident to occur, there may be negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor of parts. These issues may be proven by a recall that was not issued, or one that was issued but not communicated effectively to the owner or driver of the motorcycle.  In some instances, it may be that “some parts or materials used in the bike may have been crafted with a defect in the design or through the creation process of only some portion of the whole product cycle. When the design has the issue, this means the entire vehicle may have been planned or manufactured in error resulting in injury.”
When a defect causes the injury by way of an accident, it is necessary to get legal representation. To learn more follow the link free attorney consultation near me.
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