Odete’s new book receives a warm literary welcome

Odete\'s new book receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Religion/Philosophy book “A Cosmic Journey to The Unknown” by Odete Bigote, currently available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QPVL9MC.

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Reviewed By Deepak Menon for Readers’ Favorite

A Cosmic Journey to The Unknown by Odete Martins Bigote is inspired by humanity’s need to be cured of its afflictions – to make a harmonious co-existence possible. Being a Christian, Odete has made an extensive study and analysis of existing religious thoughts and philosophies and has deduced that God (Allah), Moses, Buddha, and Mevlana all work in unison and are messengers of the unknown, and convey the same message that fundamental darkness, fear, and suffering arise because humans are ignorant of the fact they originate from the same source. Man’s fears emanate from the erroneous thought of separation from the cosmos, universe, nature, or environment. This separation prevents us from seeing what our eyes cannot see; the fact is that we are bathed 24/7 by cosmic energies. The author explains why humanity needs to be unified as one whole, as it was before the Big Bang. Science and spirituality are glimpses of this connectedness of humanity. Humanity needs to correct its thoughts and unify its consciousness.  Odete quotes Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.”

Ironically it is easy to see separation everywhere rather than unification. Humanity has been evolving through biological evolution which has resulted in human progress. The author explains that DNA carries all information of our past, and even scientific discoveries and religious thought come to us from the ‘Beyond’ and ‘The Unknown’. She gives examples of the messengers from beyond. The book premises that our physical form is temporary. One day we will be beyond the terrestrial. We remain part of endless cycles ad infinitum. The author has touched upon numerous philosophical treatises and explained the fundamentals of an equally vast array of theological thoughts.

The author’s premise is that life must progress to harmonious coexistence, which will happen when people understand and strive to achieve higher levels of thinking and consciousness. The book touches upon too many theological expressions of thought to mention here but is certainly worth reading. The cover is attractive and focused on the title. Keeping in mind that the final mission of the author seems to be a reasoned attempt to unleash the potential within human beings, this book deserves 5 stars.”

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