CPCT will implement three strategic layouts simultaneously and take the lead in building a blockchain full-field platform

Today, with the development trend of economic globalization, diversified development has become one of the important factors of a comprehensive platform. Its multi-category and diversified portfolios are parallel and/or cross-developed, which makes the platform’s comprehensive competitiveness greatly Upgrade and prepare for a position in a highly competitive environment or at the top of the industry.

Figure 1: EOS Get Listed on CPCT

CPCT Blockchain Assets Exchange Platform is a digital currency trading platform established by the Singapore CPCT Foundation, referred to as CPCT. Since its inception, the platform has focused on the layout of globalization and diversified ecology. With the gradual “walking on multiple legs” direction and implementing the related plans and progress items, the CPCT Foundation focuses on the ecological layout with a global perspective and transforms CPCT into a digital wallet (http://www.bying.io/), trading platform (https://www.cpct.pro/index), mine management system (http://www.grandhelmsman.com/), application distribution (http://dapponline.io/), The full-field platform for multi-pages such as game payment will become the “first person” in the platform of the blockchain industry.

CPCT is the world’s first community trading platform that advocates open autonomy, and guides the establishment of technological ecology through distributed autonomous communities. CPCT not only provides users with cryptocurrency transactions, but also provides trading services for world financial derivatives based on cryptocurrency, and rewards community users through non-scheduled airdrops to achieve one-stop access to users and high-quality digital assets worldwide, to be a real digital asset trading platform. To this end, in the past year, the CPCT Foundation (https://www.cpctfund.org) continued to improve the work of its various sectors, and fully promoted the all-round development of the CPCT digital asset trading platform, and achieved fruitful results. The number of valid address holders of CPCT has been rising, and it is now close to 37,000 addresses (as shown below) and has completed more than 1.1 million transactions. Details can be found at https://etherscan.io/token/0x8fdcc30eda7e94f1c12ce0280df6cd531e8365c5

Figure 2: The number of valid addresses held by CPCT

Figure 3: Top 100 Named User Address Map

In order to ensure the normal and long-term operation of CPCT, according to the white paper, the CPCT Foundation will conduct a repurchase and destruction work in the market every quarter. Currently, two phases of repurchase and destruction have been completed, and the total amount of destruction has reached the market. Destruction will continue until 50% of the total. In the process, CPCT has gradually become a truly global decentralized digital asset trading platform.

Figure 4: Destruction record of the CPCT platform token

CPCT has three major platform features. First, the financial-grade trading system, CPCT trading system can achieve the speed and stability of the financial level, using the securities-level advanced algorithm for memory matching, so that the transaction efficiency is fully guaranteed. The second is top security protection, bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification control, and secure transaction security; including wallet multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage, and layered buckles to ensure fund security. The third is community management, relying on blockchain technology and simplified design concepts, sharing benefits with community users, and working with community users to complete community governance. Since CPCT has been focusing on the construction of the platform ecological environment since its establishment, CPCT will simultaneously implement the three strategic layouts and operate in multiple directions at the same time, effectively shortening the strategic implementation path of CPCT, so that the biggest benefit in the ecological field will be reflected in the long-term ownership of CPCT. On the user’s body.

Figure 5: XMX Launch on CPCT Exchange

In addition to vigorously developing the CPCT digital asset trading platform, CPCT’s investment in the field of encrypted wallets is another strategic layout for the simultaneous development of CPCT. The development of the CPCT wallet field will give the holders the benefits of airdrop management, wealth management and various super-node types of mining pool management. In the C network platform, users can already obtain transaction depth similar to that of coin security, fire currency, OK, and Coinbene, without worrying about the inability to conduct large-scale transactions; under the premise of technical support for multi-signature and ensuring the security of user assets, Optimize user cash withdrawal rate; asset traceability system and operational analysis system comparable to the banking system to further ensure the high reliability of each transaction. CPCT will serve as a high-end digital wealth management project entry vouchers, that is, users who hold and maintain a certain amount of CPCT, can enjoy higher returns. In addition, in the game and entertainment payment, CPCT, as a universal cross-platform payment medium, has been snapped up by the market, thus forming a de facto direct rigid demand.

On the other hand, IPFS&Filecoin is the world’s top project attracting attention from the blockchain. Recently, through the positive follow-up of the CPCT Ecological Fund, CPCT has become a member of its ecological construction, www.grandhelmsman.com as the official technology and The proprietary platform for information sharing will be launched in the near future. The first version of Helmman OS, Himalaya, will be officially opened at the end of July. At present, the number of users who have accepted the application has reached nearly 30,000. At the same time, CPCT has also set up a high-end R&D test server array with a storage capacity of at least 10PB to meet the needs of users after the platform is officially launched. Finally, on the application distribution mall platform, CPCT actively communicates with various project parties by analyzing various operational data of the projects on the platform, which will bring a large number of high-quality projects to the exchanges, bringing more traffic users to the depth. transaction.

To sum up, the progress of the various details of the implementation of CPCT’s next strategic layout will further promote the rapid development of CPCT and give CPCT users ample confidence. We have reason to believe that CPCT implements three strategic layouts at the same time. It is not a “one-day thinking, one day”, but is promoted by the team members’ day-to-night cautious argument strategic layout and effective planning. I believe CPCT III The simultaneous development and implementation of the grand strategic layout will inevitably push CPCT to become the leading benchmark for the blockchain industry’s entire platform.

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