ADE Thailand Branch is formally established and achieve strategic cooperation with JMB Group

Among Southeast Asian countries,  Singapore has quickly become a famous center for blockchain entrepreneurship because of its developed economy, finance and highly market-oriented background. However, in recent years, Thailand has emerged as a new force and it intends to replace Singapore to be the center of  Southeast Asian blockchain. Since July 2018, relevant policies have been implemented. Until the Central Bank launched digital currency in October, Thailand’s “blockchain feast” was pushed to a climax. Thailand’s national digital currency CTH went up 18 times within 7 hours of going public.

However, owing to the delayed start, Thailand is still in a relatively backward stage in terms of blockchain infrastructure, which can be said to be a blue ocean. Therefore, many countries and regions have begun to be attracted by the development chances of blockchain in Thailand. The ADE Group also grasped this opportunity to enter the Thai market and lay a solid foundation for the global ecological layout.

On July 11, ADE Thailand Branch was officially opened. After the preparations in the former early stage, the Thai team has begun to take shape, and most of the members come from well-known local financial institutions. As an international one-stop blockchain financial service provider, ADE will focus on trading platforms and financial services, and will radiate outward and focus on the blockchain industry to form a localized ecosystem.

On July 13, several important guests from Australia and Thailand gathered at ADE Thailand Branch to witness the cooperation signing between ADE and JMB Group of Thailand. There are a number of subsidiaries of JMB Group, including digital asset trading platform, electronic wallet and so on, the user’s size ranks the front in Thailand. Leaders such as Banky, director of ADE markets, Tipsuda, deputy general secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand and Jessada, co-founder of Natwot Amornvivat, attended the ceremony. James, head of ADE Thailand Branch, signed the cooperation agreement with Lawrence, general manager of JMB Group, to comprehensively carry out financial services and practical scene application innovation based on the block chain technology.

James, head of ADE in Thailand, expressed at the signing ceremony that the rapid development of the block chain let the world see the trend of digital economy. The Thai government also complies with the trend of the times, relaxes the regulatory system, supports and encourages the development of block chain technology with an open and comprehensive attitude, which brings vitality to the regional upsurge of digital assets. In the future, ADE will strictly observe the supervision of the organization, establish long-term and stable strategic cooperation with JMB Group, and jointly explore and operate the business model and scene application of the block chain technology.

ADE will converge global ecological resources and is committed to create a formal, secure and efficient top digital asset trading platform for global users. With a high-quality innovative digital economy enterprise & blockchain positioning, it provides users with more high-quality investment projects, and does not need to worry about air currency, model currency, project running, etc. It is a formal blockchain trading platform. Through the concept of “Digital Economy & Blockchain” to help enterprises develop, the one-stop incubation model and the whole process supervision mechanism, ADE will help innovative enterprises to develop vigorously and provide more high-quality investment projects for users. ADE’s vision is to realize the blockchain landing, promote the token economy, and the inclusive zone chain finance to create a virtuous circle and healthy ecology for the digital asset field.

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