SANSI showcases COC LED Grow Lighting Solutions in Cultivate™19

The largest all-industry trade show and conference for the horticulture industry takes place July 13-16 in Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH USA. Specialized in LED over 26 years, SANSI has delivered more than 100,000 customized solutions all over the world. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth #1749 at Cultivate19, and experience SANSI up to date COC (Chip on Ceramic) Tech which is applied to our LED grow light, providing more durable and reliable horticulture LED lighting solutions.

Cultivate is the largest all-industry trade show and conference for the horticulture industry. It is the industry event that brings the entire professional community together to make an even greater impact. SANSI, as a leader in lighting technology, is at the forefront of advancements in grow lighting with everything from LED grow lights to complete solutions. SANSI’s advantage with grow lights is its ceramic LED technology.

COC LED Technology – Chip on Ceramic Optimize Plant Growth

With each Independent Heat Sink® being PCB and adhesive free, it allows the bulb to dissipate heat much faster than other LEDs. Prolonging the life of the bulbs. SANSIs LED chips are mounted onto the ceramic directly, the LED chip(s) for SANSIs LED lights are both PC board and thermal adhesive free. Compared with traditional heat dissipation systems, SANSIs ceramic heat dissipation system prolongs the life of the LED light.

Our technology is developed to solve the problems that growers face. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for customers. Attending Cultivate is an opportunity for SANSI to showcase its latest line of state-of-the-art LED grow lights. We’re showcasing newest powerful 100w, 200w/400w grow lights, latest All-wing series and LED inter lights for greenhouses, LED striped grow lights for vertical farms, and grow light bulbs for residential usage. In addition, SANSI new VT ultra-fine pitch LED display will be unveiled at the show. To better showcase the new fine pitch LED display series, the SANSI team has decided to play the video of LED head sculpture project. It’s worth mentioning that LED display (LED Head) of the project located in the Greater Columbus (OH) Convention Center were also provided by SANSI, engineered and completed by Sansi North America.

Smart Grow Light for High-Power Greenhouse Planting

Especially designed to provide supplementary lighting for large-scale greenhouses, C2020-BE series, All-wing series light and inter light feature customized a spectrum, controllable illumination time, uniformed illuminance, and supportable remote-control. Tailor-made light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and higher quality plants.


Smart Gardening for Home Usage

SANSI grow bulbs (15W/24W/36W) are suitable for different periods of different plants, comprehensively promote plant photosynthesis. It inspires potential growth ability with nutrients and enhance the ability of plants to resist viruses then improves the survival rate of plants grown by general light source. 

Artificial Lighting in no Natural Light Environments

New C2020 CE series striped LED grow light is designed for vertical farming usage. It  is waterproof and dustproof with IP65 design. Suitable for multilayer, indoor cultivation of herbs and leafy greens.


SANSI Product Features:

High Quality

SANSI uniformed light distribution ensures that there is no peaks and valleys of light intensity, to enhance crop appearance, taste and nutritional values.

Maximize Yield

Consistency in light and customized spectrum can put plant growth in balance, leading to higher yields and better crop production efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

SANSI ceramic LED grow light series use active cooling with ceramic heat sink, and greatly extends lifetime. Fan and water cooling system is not needed, which saves energy and maintenance cost.

Smart Light Control

SANSI smart light control system with adjustable-spectrum LEDs, centralizing light management and providing great assistance to growers.


Since its founding in 1993, SANSI has been dedicated to technological innovation in a wide range of LED applications, from commercial displays to residential lighting. With over 400 in-house engineers, 2,000 employees and 3 advanced factories, SANSI has reached over 40 countries on 5 continents. SANSI utilizes 230,000 square meters of space for manufacturing, sales and customer service to support their commercial and residential projects.

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