Chinese magical solution: “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” for hemorrhoids is popular all over the world

Recently, A series of evaluating results are shared from the hemorrhoids sufferers worldwide: A Chinese magical medicine device, “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” has boarded the global hit lists for hemorrhoids. It was reported that the apparatus was an innovational product (IP: #201821926213.7#) and joint developed with huge investment by Beijing Zhongke Traditional Prescription Medical Research Company and a Chinese medical specialists team which is lead by Dr. Wang,Kui. Dr. Wang, Kui has over 17 years clinical experience for anorectal disease, and is the core student of Prof. Li, Guodong, who is one of the top experts for anorectal in China, the vice-president of anorectal sub-association of C.A.C.M., as well as the vice-head and Secretary General of China  Anorectal committee.


The whole R&D team lead by Dr, Wang is devoted to develop a fundamental solution and user friendly service to all hemorrhoids suffers and studies the traditional Chinese Fumigation and Steam Therapy of Chinese herbs intensively. With more than 3 years development, the team has developed a “medicine-device combinated” fumigation solution, according to the long historical prescription of  “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy” and the new Far IR heating technology. Over 6000 systematical experiments have been repeated to evaluate the safety and effectiveness, finally, the apparatus has been validated and recommended by medical experts widely.

“Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” has been proven the higher effectiveness, 95% yield in one course after 3 years continuously clinical evaluations. Due to the few relapse ratio, the safety for puerperant, and the fumigation solution for combination of medicine and device, it can be workable for puerperant even within 7 days after childbirth, which is not even recommended by traditional Chinese herbs fumigation and Steam Therapy. Most of the suffers are transferred to be the fans of the product, though the beginning they just “have a shot”. Suddenly, the IP has caused the global warm in hundreds of top international media positively.

Lots of beneficiaries’ feedback as follows:

At the beginning, I thought it is a small case, and not pay close attention to the hemorrhoids at all. Another side, it’s a little bit embarrassing to go to doctor for such kind of case. As time goes on, it relapsed worse Nd worse, pain and bleeding, I was scared and afraid it was the beginning of cancer. Luckily, my friend recommend the “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus”! @lulu

Efficacious, finally, I got such a fast effective and easy handling apparatus to hemorrhoids after so many years suffering, there was not pain at all after twice treatments, cheers~ @Xiaoxi

I got hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it’s really suffering, fortunately, “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” treated me effectively. There was no pain at all ater 2 days treatments, and there was no any swelling after one course, and no longer relapsed till now! @orang

Just have a try for my family, but recovered in one course, and you know before, the hemorrhoids relapsed after several months, and there is no relapse this time, amazing! @lily

Patients are suffer from the surgical operation for hemorrhoids, but “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” has an amazing clinical effect, to prevent more patients from operation’s suffering. This is the technical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and the great breakthrough for Chinese Traditional medicine in standardization aspect! Hope there are more and more technical innovation from Chinese traditional medicine. @surgeon

The great efforts from the spread out by public praise of clinical effects and the sharing of the beneficiaries lead “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” popular all over the world quickly! And lots of media have pay attention to the magic effects of the product and scramble to report it.

It is a great pleasure that we have chance to make a conversation with the RD team, to unveil the mysteries of the Chinese herb fumigation and Steam Therapy, meanwhile to further understand the innovational technology.

Chinese fumigation and steam therapy has over 2000years history, which is contained in the Classic Chinese traditional medical books in great detail, etc. It is also the mainly therapy to hemorrhoids in Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese Fumigation and Steam Therapy is treated Chinese herb steam as physiotherapy, to steam the location of hemorrhoids directly with Embalm washing and hip bath, which is based on the principle of warming heating in traditional Chinese medicine, and to accelerate the impregnating of the effected herb steam in the location of disease, so as to to stimulate the circulation of blood, to relax the muscle and joint, and to recover the wound tissue. But traditional fumigation and Steam Therapy has 4 problems need to be further solved:

1 – it is not able to quantize the active ingredient of Chinese herbal formula.

2 – Traditional fumigation and steam temperature definitely relies on the experiences of the doctor, and the temperature could not be standardized during the clinical treatment.

3 – During treatment, the Chinese herbal soup is remaining in the fumigation basin, and the active ingredient can only act on external hemorrhoids S well as the temperature, but few to internal hemorrhoids and mix hemorrhoids, thus, it has less effects on those 2 locations.

4 – Fumigation Sit Therapy can not be applied to third trimester of pregnancy and the puerperant in first week after childbirth.

To solve the problems, Dr. Wang, Kui has structured the RD team to do the further research together with the owner of the prescription, Mr. Yiding Xu and the anorectal experts from Zhongke Traditional Prescription Medical Research Company. The team found 2 key factors would have effects on the treating results, after the observation on the clinical datum from the traditional fumigation and steam therapy to hemorrhoids patients and the historical prescription: one is the active ingredient ratio of herbs, and the other is exact working temperature and stability.

After thousands of experiments and practices, team has worked out the solution on how to standardize the active ingredients: to extract the active ingredient to emulsifiable paste from the herbs soup, and get rid of the waste parts.

While, hardware team has creatively realized the “Xiaozhitang Steam Therapy Apparatus” and to make the exact temperature control come to true.

The product is the hardware with the IR warming system, which is independent developed by team, to apply the solution of electronics temperature control. After more than 6000 systematic experiments we launch the safe and effective products in the market. Also, the product has been validated and recommended to patients by groups of medical experts. In further, the report knows that the product has made a great progress for all kinds of hemorrhoids, especially puerperant group.


In China, the best traditional solution to hemorrhoids is Chinese herbs steam therapy. But for puerperant, it is forbidden to treat them with steam sit Therapy in first week after childbirth (data showed that 87% of pregnancies and puerperants have hemorrhoids). Even for conservative therapy to puerperant, doctors always worry about the safety of medicines. In the prescription, there are 5 herbs: chrysanthemum, schizonepeta, saposhnikovia divaricata, smilax glabra rhizome and natrii sulfas, which are proven the nontoxic herbal ingredients by most of the Chinese traditional medical experts.

The apparatus is the pioneer and technical innovation for traditional Chinese medicine. It has filled gaps in the field that no traditional steam therapy to puerperant in first week. And it prevent the petients from the suffering of such kind of embarrassing problems, and timely treatments. A good news to the unmentionable disease.

In the near future, Software team will structure the on-line self-service intelligent health platform for those unmentionable disease including hemorrhoids, to deliver the convenient treatment with expertise. No more embarrassed, and recovered ASAP.

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