Distributed Value Marketing Platform IPC Aims to Establish Fundamental Service Chain For Marketing

The IPC, which is also known as the InterPromotion Chain, stands to establish a fundamental service chain that is specifically for marketing in the nearest future. This business model aims to realize the highly visible value of marketing and hopes to achieve a scenario whereby everybody can actually be a part of as well as share vital information. Through IPC’s leveraging of a new trust mechanism, task distribution model and organization form, the problem of suspicions in the chain of online marketing in the web marketing process can be successfully tackled.

With this, a trust-based on value will be established, and the relationship between the marketing platform, advertisement distributor and adviser will be effectively recreated. Basically, it is difficult to maximize marketing resources. While one is limited by the quantitative demands on the resources of the parties mentioned above, the marketing resources are left in the hands of just a very few amounts of people. This has led to a hindrance in the development of web marketing. Due to the high quantity of smartphones been sold at reduced prices and also much more dependable mobile telecommunication services, the number of internet users in both South Asia and South East Asia has continually grown.

Even with the popularity of internet marketing, there is still an issue. In SouthEast Asia, most of the countries are actually islands that are on the sea. There are roughly four hundred million web users that are dispersed in both the Islands and tropical forests. This practically makes it hard to explore the entire market. The fact remains that the long distance between all these cities and the differences in their culture, customs, and language brings various obstacles to the advancement of the Enterprise.

Simply put, IPC builds a linked multiple consensus protocol, which is known as the IPC protocol to merge resources like decentralized distributed data process, diverse consensus, and decentralized cloud storage. The major aim of IPC that everyone should be aware of is that it focuses on realizing an effective, visible, just and free technical design as well as an ecological model. Based on its protocol and its distributed data, everybody is encouraged to build applications and actively explore business models in a bid to realize not just ecological abundance but a diversity of IPC’s values as well.

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