Creative Biolabs Releases Adjuvant Selection and Delivery System Selection for Vaccine Formulation Development

NEW YORK, USA – July 16, 2019 – As a professional pre-clinical vaccine development and production company, Creative Biolabs recently released vaccine formulation development services including adjuvant selection and delivery system selection.

As a highly effective method to control infectious diseases, vaccine provides a novel approach to preventing and treating cancer, autoimmune diseases and other disorders. By combining the conventional and latest genetic engineering technologies to efficiently address urgent needs in the vaccine field, Creative Biolabs is able to offer comprehensive customized vaccine development service including vaccine design, adjuvant selection, analytical development & qualification, vaccine preclinical assessment, vaccine formulation development, process development & GMP manufacturing.

Generally, adjuvants increase vaccine effects by stimulating the immune system to achieve a high quantity/quality, memory-enhanced antibody response, and guide the type of adaptive response to produce the most effective forms of immunity for each specific pathogen. To help clients improve the quality of vaccine production, the vaccine formulation development services in Creative Biolabs are subdivided into adjuvant selection and delivery system selection.

1 Adjuvant Selection

An ideal adjuvant is supposed to be equipped with high efficiency and safety at the same time. The antigen, the species to be vaccinated, the route of administration and the likelihood of side effects are four main factors should be taken into account. It is worth mentioning that in the vaccine development process, scientists in Creative Biolabs consider not only the four factors above but also several other characteristics below for ensuring successful adjuvants:

  • Promote an appropriate immune response;
  • Do not induce immune responses against themselves;
  • Be stable with long shelf life;
  • Bio-degradable;
  • Cheap to produce.
  • Formulation Development

2 Delivery System Selection

To keep the adjuvant and the antigen together at the same site, Creative Biolabs has developed multiple vaccine delivery systems including nanoparticle, liposome, immune stimulating complexes (ISCOMs), emulsion and microspheres, characterized by:

  • Protect antigen from degradation
  • Sustain release of antigen
  • Intracellular delivery of antigen contributing to cytotoxic T-cell stimulation and targeting at APCs

With a comprehensive platform and first-class technologies, Creative Biolabs has effectively supported the vaccine industry for decades with a full range of vaccine design and production services and related products. More information can be reached at


Creative Biolabs, headquartered in New York, is a leading custom service provider in the field of vaccine development, preclinical assessment and GMP manufacturing. The technical and regulatory experts can provide vaccine developers with a full range of products and vaccine related services. Traditional and the most updated genetic engineering technologies are combined to efficiently produce highly immunogenic and safe vaccines to address emergency unmet medical needs. The service portfolio includes a full range of vaccine design for client’s specific requirements that covers vaccine target validation, vaccines targeting bacterial, viral, fungal, parasites, cancer markers and more. Formulation optimization services are also available for maximum potency, including improving delivery systems, a great variety of adjuvant products and services like PRR Ligands scanning and adjuvants synthesis.

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