Elyse Hudacsko’s Book on Amazon Helping Teens and Young Adults Make an Exceptional Life Decision

Teens and young adult’s heads are filled with what they “should” do that they don’t know how to make room for what they can do. Elyse Hudacsko’s book on Amazon offers a practical guide for making exceptional decisions on college, career, and life

Atlantic Highlands, NJ – Every adult living wished they had someone who gave them the right advice early in life. For teens and young adults of today, there is a huge opportunity to end up with an exceptional life.

Elyse Hudacsko, author and coach, is proud to announce her book titled “My Life, My Way: How to Make Exceptional Decisions about College, Career, and Life”, available on Amazon.

The book offers advice from an experienced teacher, counselor, and educator of many years, who understands the most important criteria for choosing the right path in life.

“My Life, My Way” is not one of those books filled with instructions and you-must-dos; it’s a fun, entertaining, and relaxing book with stories and practices on how teens and young adults can discover their true selves, create a unique path, and make exceptional choices in life.

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Elyse Hudacsko has spent many years helping teens and young adults make the best decisions in life. She has served as a guidance counselor to more than 500 young adults in her role as a Staffing and Development Manager at a Global Fortune 500 consulting firm for more than a dozen years. Now she homeschools her children and is involved with various educational programs for teens.

Now, through her book, every teen and adult anywhere in the world can tap into her knowledge and experience. Even parents who have a challenge helping their children make the best decisions can read the book and use the information to provide useful guidance for young people growing into adulthood.

Teenage and young adult age is the most critical for every human on earth. At this moment, decisions are made which mostly have a permanent effect on the lives of the young ones.

With all the distractions from social media, friends, and colleagues, it can be hard for anyone to make the right decisions about college, career, and life. But with the help of an inspirational guide from a seasoned teacher who has spent a tangible number of years of her life helping young people, every reader of this book will be blessed to have it.

“My Life, My Way” contains invaluable advice and practices that young people of today need for them to get ahead of the noise and take the right steps that will make them happier adults in the future.

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