Asia Presswire Offers Global News Distribution to China Corporates & Organizations

Asia Presswire is ready to distribute global PR to Chinese organisations and agencies.  This plan marks the continuing service of the trusted news distributor in China and how it helps boost Chinese organisations. Asia Presswire hopes to serve more Chinese corporates in the future by providing quality news.

Asia Presswire, with its skilled and experienced team, provides news distribution to Chinese agencies and organisations. Startup Chinese companies in need of visibility would be proud to have the service from Asia Presswire.


The experts at Asia Presswire make sure that a client’s news is on different media sections of sites such as Reuters. The PR to Reuters enables the small Chinese firms to have the visibility they want. Whether it’s about product or brand promotion, News from Asia Presswire helps small businesses in China to become successful.

What about the large Chinese corporates?

Asia Presswire has a capable team who helps large business owners maintain their strong reputation. Through PR distribution, Chinese corporate owners connect to more audiences. Asia Presswire experts use the latest strategic tool, such as online communications to help clients achieve their business objectives.

The team at Asia Presswire has experience and skills in news and SEO tracking. The experts are always ready to offer informed advice to Chinese business owners. The advice is helpful because it prevents communication problems that might affect the reputation of Chinese companies.

According to, Asia Presswire also plans to offer PR to Bloomberg and other top companies around the world. Through its outreach platform, the company is open to distribute PR to top news sites such as Figaro and Washington Post.

Also, Chinese company tycoons would gain affordable quality service from Asia Presswire. The Asia press release distribution costs less than $50, unlike Asia Presswire’s competitors. Asia Presswire continues to build great partnerships among its clients, and Chinese clients would see that.

As of now, the Asia Presswire experts are on the move and ready to serve Chinese clients any time. Asia Presswire experts said that they would do their best to offer clients quality service at all times.

About Asia Presswire:

Asia Presswire is a well-known company that offers PR distribution services to clients around the globe. The company serves different clients in Asia and other regions such as Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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