The Whole Body Clinic Focuses on Pain Relief for Better Quality of Life

Queensland, Australia – July 16, 2019 – Mark Crawford, owner of The Whole Body Clinic, believes no one should live with pain when the means are available to alleviate it and improve quality of life. The practice offers a wide array of treatments and therapies designed to treat the root cause of pain.

“Don’t persist with pain when you could be living a better life,” said Crawford. “Discover how we can help reduce your discomfort and improve your outlook.”

Individuals receive treatment from a highly-trained osteopath Mount Gravatt. The practitioners address the musculoskeletal framework utilizing mobilisation techniques that relieve pain and alleviates misalignments. Pain doesn’t always originate in the area of the body in which it’s felt. The body is a complex biomechanical structure that will attempt to compensate for pain and dysfunction resulting in inflammation and pain.

The Whole Body Clinic can provide relief from pain due to injuries, joint conditions, postural problems, muscle complaints, and chronic conditions. Treatments are also effective for reflux, bloating and constipation. Therapies relieve pain, increase structural stability, and improve mobility.

An increasingly prevalent problem for millions of people is headaches. They can affect any part of the skull and can result from tension and stress, poor posture, or be the result of a migraine. The practitioners can determine the source of the pain and provide the appropriate treatment. Headache treatment Mount Gravatt will depend on the type and location of the pain that’s being experienced.

In a time when many people spend long hours in front of computer screens and behind mobile devices, neck pain is common. Holding the head at odd angles can injure discs and compress nerves. Neck pain treatment Mount Gravatt can include gentle manipulation of soft tissues to improve circulation and correct misalignments, along with dry needling and electrotherapy.

The Whole Body Clinic treats a wide range of painful conditions throughout the body. Treatments are designed to relieve pain, increase range of movement, and improve quality of life. With the services available at the practice, no one needs to live with pain.

About The Whole Body Clinic

We strive to assist your body’s function to be the best it can be with modern techniques and evidence-based medicine to help you reach your wellness goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid sportsman, a desk worker, or enjoying your retirement days. The Whole Body Clinic can provide care for all your needs with a holistic, individualised approach to get you back to your best.

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