Asia Presswire Offers Top Sites Guaranteed Placement

Asia Presswire gives quality news and satisfaction to clients by providing guaranteed placement on top sites. Asia Presswire’s head announces that the placement is open for top sites such as Washington Post, New York Times, Figaro and Huffington Post. The PR distribution on these sites is secured and efficient. So, clients have the assurance of good quality news and satisfaction.

Asia Presswire experts are ready to render excellent service to clients who not only visit news sites but also need PR distribution services. Experts at Asia Presswire assure that news is delivered according to client’s needs. The team monitors the client’s so that it arrives securely to the online or social media sites.

The Asia press release distribution has an affordable price for clients. Unlike its competitors, Asia Presswire’s lowest package is less than 50%. Some package offerings are only 1/3~1/4 of the Asia Presswire’s competitors.

Asia Presswire’s press releases are submitted to top websites where everyone can read it. On top that, the company makes sure that placement price remains affordable. The company also assures that each site would have quality news.

The guaranteed placement receives favourable views from the top websites and clients. People are happy to experience the satisfaction of reading news from top websites. But, that’s not only the service that Asia Presswire offers clients from Asia, US and United Kingdom. 

Asia Presswire also has an excellent and reliable team of experts. The team sends PR to Reuters effectively and monitors the news through a PR report.  Through the integrated platform, the company sends PR to top news sites easily, and clients can check the PR source using PR report.

Asia Presswire plans to offer guaranteed placement to other new websites in the coming months. The team is making advance preparations for the plans, and they would make sure it’s successful. Aside from this, Asia Presswire continues to distribute PR to Bloomberg.

Experts at Asia Presswire say that the guaranteed placement is one of the many great services clients expect from Asia Presswire. All are welcome to check for more information about Asia Presswire’s services and platform.

About Asia Presswire:

Asia Presswire offers news distribution services to different clients in Asia, United States, North America, and other regions. Through Asia Presswire’s excellent platform, clients gain satisfaction all the time. The company aims to offer more services to clients.  

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