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Timepieces itself are the most personal purchases that serve way more than just an accessory. They talk a lot about your personality; you taste your mannerisms and more. In fact, experts believe that a single watch can reveal a lot about one’s personality.

Pocket watches – Oozes sophistication

Someone who picks a pocket watch in place of a regular watch definitely values heritage more than anything. It might seem a little strange to some but the style of vintage is often linked to sentimentality. Individuals wearing these types of watches can be described as more of a quality person rather than quantity. They know how to value their belongings right from the core of their hearts. The

A man who opts for a pocket watch rather than a wrist watch is one which values heritage and oozes sophistication. To some, they may seem eccentric, but they respect the vintage style and are prone to sentimentality. Their pocket watch may or may not be a family heirloom, but they take great care in all of their belongings and value quality, not quantity. Look up for the best pocket watches at the wide-range of collection of realfashiontrends this season and make your style statement stand out from all and time.

Smart watches – Adding a sense of agility

Well, next is the smart watch. Smart watches are very much in vogue and millennials are opting for them broadly. Unlike the pocket watches, these ones exhibit a totally different outlook and vibe. Smart watches add a practical edge to your personality and are often chosen by active and adventurous individuals. These timepieces offer high functionalities and features and you can definitely look forward to this if you have similar traits. These watches are mostly water-resistant and come with additional casings and coats. Even if you use them roughly, they shall be far from getting damaged easily.

The leather strap watches – A touch of simplicity

Now these pieces are often seen around the wrists of the age’s characters of fatherly figures of old American movies. They have bog dials, neat digits engraved in them and leather straps. These timepieces are extremely simple but extremely attention catching. They often define how calm, collected and simple an individual is and how clarified a taste they have. Irrespective of what you are wearing, just this watch wrapped around one of your wrists can add a different flavor to your outlook. Use the above-mentioned site to explore the collection of these watches.

There are many other types available at present and you can take them all very sincerely to get the best one home an let it enhance your personality and confidence even more! The collections include a variety of watch types ranging from different prices for wearers or different ages. So go ahead and pick the one that suits you the best!

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