Why Looking Young and Blemish-Free No Longer Means Painful Surgery and a Long Recovery

The rise of social media and the ubiquity of ‘perfect’ looking individuals means that people are under more pressure than ever before to look good, which often means defying the signs of ageing. At the same time, the faster pace of life, increased pollution and more extreme episodes of weather can often combine to take a heavy toll on people’s appearance, in some cases making them look prematurely aged.

It is perhaps no surprise that physical treatments – whether through skin products or cosmetic surgery – have grown in popularity in recent decades, with people looking to more decisive solutions as more and more options become available, and more affordable.

However, many people are deterred from cosmetic surgery by its painful nature and the often quite dramatic effects it can create. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments also exist and the popularity of such procedures has grown dramatically in recent years – growing by 106% between 2009 and 2014. SharpLight is a manufacturer of devices for aesthetic medicine clinics, helping them offer services such as tackling skin issues derived from sun damage, pollution and ageing.

Their devices use a skin rejuvenation approach that includes intense pulsed light, radio frequency and infrared, with the technology used becoming increasingly sophisticated over the years, to the point that the effects are longer-lasting than before. Targeting an array of conditions that include sunspots, elastosis, mottled pigmentation, spider veins, rosacea and broken capillaries, the skin rejuvenation therapies are used on the chest, hands, face and neck only – and are suitable for all skin types and ages.

“This process can be very appealing to people because it essentially refreshes the skin through natural methods,” says a spokesperson for SharpLight. “The laser therapies are carefully aimed at the affected areas on the skin, which encourages the body to counteract by sending a rush of collagen to the surface. By bringing about this stage of necrosis, it is possible for the affected skin to be replaced naturally by new, fresh and young-looking skin.”

SharpLight’s technology also utilizes the photothermolysis process, which makes use of more modern, advanced devices to protect healthy skin during the treatment. This means that the laser is only delivered to the skin through small pinpoints of light, allowing for more accurate navigation towards the affected areas of skin, avoiding the unaffected parts.

With Sharplight’s devices, skin rejuvenation requires more than one session but this is usually a relatively small number, and they are quite short. The treatment is carried out once a month and is largely pain-free, with some mild discomfort the most commonly-reported by patients. And following each session, there are no visible signs of the treatment nor any periods of post-treatment skin irritation.

About SharpLight

SharpLight Technologies Ltd is headquartered in Toronto and provides a range of non-invasive aesthetic equipment to Canadian businesses in the aesthetic medicine industry. They have been manufacturing equipment since 2004 and have an extensive research and development network based in Israel. The company is also part of the American Laser Group, which owns the biggest group of aesthetic clinics in Israel.  

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