Finding the right event service is a nightmare – BUT it shouldn’t be when the customer is put first!

Finding the right event service is a nightmare - BUT it shouldn\'t be when the customer is put first!
‘Automated EventerQuote/RFP is the solution for a billion dollar industry.’

Switzerland, Zürich – July 17, 2019 – Buyer demand and seller supply are NOT two sides of the same conundrum. When it comes to understanding how marketplaces like Airbnb, Lyft and Uber have achieved such phenomenal success, one of the main talking points is how they have solved the notorious chicken and egg problem. In short, these companies have found a way to access a seemingly infinite number of users, with a specific need, on the demand side of their marketplace, while bringing superior technology and customer-centric thinking to the supply side.

The events market is massive. The corporate events sector alone is conservatively valued at $565B worldwide. This massive scale means that there’s no shortage of demand for events, but anyone who has ever participated in planning an event of any size can relate to the pain of selecting the right event professionals, venues, products and service providers. It is complex and time consuming to source and compare quotes and proposals from event vendors, and it is this complexity that often leads to a bad choice of vendor and poor results. Eventerprise’s solution to remedy this pain is called EventerQuote/RFP. An automated request-a-quote system that works as conveniently hailing a ride with Lyft or Uber.

“You may only call yourself a user-centric platform once you have solved the demand problem by providing a solution that is 10x better than anything currently available in the market,” says CEO and co-founder, Birgit Thümecke. “People who want to create spectacular events are looking for the best vendors for the job, they deserve a better experience, better quality information and should not have to pay any fees when trying to find vendors they can trust. This is why we’ve created EventerQuote/RFP, it sits at the heart of our goal to connect the world of events.“

“Observing the best marketplaces and studying their technology made us realise that the most successful ones didn’t start by solving the problem from the supply side, as most in the event technology market still do, but rather by honing in acutely on the problem facing everyone trying to find the best qualified vendor for their specific event,” says CTO and co-founder, Götz Thümecke. An ability to solve the demand side problem well gives rise to cross-platform network effects which strongly support a product’s defensibility.

EventerQuote/RFP is a game changer for a multi-billion dollar industry. Powered by advanced, agile technology it was designed with total focus on a mobile-first, user-centric experience. The EventerQuote/RFP system quickly and conveniently finds the best event solutions by accessing the full spectrum of the events market, with greater relevance and context than noisy and inaccurate options like social media and search engines.

“We believe that true value creation can only be achieved for the demand side of a marketplace if you have already secured the supply side. If there’s no inventory on the shelves, you won’t get anyone to stick around in your store,” says Barry Blassoples, VP Growth. “We allow people to identify their event needs through solutions entirely focused on creating the best event planning experience possible, and then use technology to intelligently match demand with supply.“ Most event tech solutions get this model wrong by concentrating primarily on the needs of event vendors rather than the people hosting the events and writing the checks. Transparent, comparable event tech services are currently hard to find, there is nothing like a TripAdvisor for events where you can trust ratings, reviews and pricing. Too often, the choice comes down to word of mouth rather than real data such as price or quality of service when making important decisions about events.

EventerQuote/RFP fills the gap in the events market by automatically and intelligently matching the most suitable vendors with clients to streamline the event planning process.

“We want people to create better events and experiences,” added Eventerprise co-founder, Charlie Wright. “You shouldn’t be expected to make an informed choice between thousands of event professionals in Los Angeles. Each event offers its own set of challenges and opportunities, we believe it should be easier for you to find the right vendors or suppliers to make your event unique and memorable.

With the current, late seed funding round Eventerprise will introduce an AI integrated solution for the RFP process. Instead of one person reading through hundreds of quotes, this solution will quickly sort through data and make objective recommendations to event hosts. CEO Birgit Thümecke, a former airline executive with over 25 years of knowledge from the various customer centric global corporations describes it as a ‘recommendation engine’, much like Amazon or Netflix, a first line of defence against high-volume inconvenient decision making to compare RFPs and quotations based on unique preferences.

Learn more at is a Swiss global tech startup on a mission to connect the world of events. We do this by ensuring technology is accessible, inclusive and affordable across an underserved market. Eventerprise makes it easier to create memorable experiences by helping everyone find the best vendors, venues and event professionals, all on one platform.

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