GGBTC Embraces Cryptocurrency Market, Reshaping the Exchange Ecology

GGBTC entered the cryptocurrency market in the first half of 2019. Now, GGBTC has become a major player in the blockchain industry.

Capital and courage against the bear market

GGBTC has obtained joint investment from American GONE Fund, LD Capital and Hunter Capital in the first round of financing with tens of millions of yuan. The simultaneous investment of the three top investment institutions is undoubtedly a powerful endorsement of the strength of GGBTC.

Moreover, GGBTC’s internal and external structure is mainly composed of four sections: Global Linking financial service company, GGBTC Fund, global investment management company, GGBTC Investor service directional quantification institution, and GGBTC Global blockchain asset exchange.

Among them, GGBTC is also an important layout to open the business closed loop of various blockchain finance and technology sectors under GG.

It can be seen that GGBTC has a strong capital base, and is determined to occupy the market.

Determination and strength

GGBTC has the following capabilities:

1. User capital is absolutely safe.

GGBTC platform is stable, easy to use and transparent, presenting users with a solid platform that is ready to deal with any risks in the market.

The team is equipped with professional and experienced system security personnel. The system protection system focuses on the refinement and clarity of security, with strong resistance to hacker malicious attacks on the system, multi-dimensional security monitoring and disaster tolerance ability, completely avoiding any hidden dangers that may occur on the platform, wallet, DAPP.

2. The trading ability is absolutely top

GGBTC’s self-developed high-performance matching engine, has 2 million-transactions-per-second capability; in the configuration of the server, multi-country server deployment improve user access speed; in terms of stability, the packet loss rate is controlled within 0.1% and the delay is within 80 milliseconds.

GGBTC uses a message queue with near-infinite throughput to process requests, ensuring that users have fast experiences; using distributed relational database access to ensure no performance bottlenecks in order placement; using heterogeneous data storage mechanisms to support unlimited horizontal expansion while optimizing hotspot data access.

In addition, a cross-chain mechanism is set up to ensure that GGBTC can provide data services to the entire GG ecosystem, and achieve intra- and extra-chain data transfer and intercommunication in Global Linking financial services, GGBTC Fund global investment management, GGBTC Investor service directional quantification, so as to fully mobilize the synergy of the whole ecology.

GGBTC is confident that it can become the new generation of digital exchange and is determined to bring epoch-making changes to users around the world.


In July, general points GGC went online, with an initial circulation of 1 billion. Meanwhile, it was gradually destroyed according to the new economic mode. While ensuring the rights and interests of users, the lock-in effect was fully exerted to complete the establishment of a new economic model of extreme deflation.

GGC is expected to start resonance on July 20, and GGC/TRX trading pair will be open on July 26. The details will be subject to the official website announcement.

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