GGBTC has released the official mascot “Gravitation Ge”, which means continuous exploration and innovation

GGBTC has released the official mascot image — a brave, fearless Pingtou Ge (honey badge), also known as “Gravitation Ge”.


“Pingtou Ge” is the nickname of honey badge which is famous for its survivability and good at discovering the weaknesses of the enemy. It also has the courage, persistence, tenacity and strong hunting efficiency, and is known for its perfect cooperation with the symbiotic partners. It is listed as the “world’s most fearless Creature” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Pingtou Ge” represents passion, optimism, and bravery. The netizens joked: Pingtou Ge’s life creed is “I’m not afraid of any challenges.”


Honey badgers fighting spirit:

Pingtou Ge: I wont ask who the opponent is or how many of them I have to fight. Just tell me the place and time.

Who are you fighting with? Pingtou Ge is always either in a fight, or on its way to a fight!

“Gravitation Ge” will become the incarnation of GGBTC, firmly believe that digital currency can change the existing financial system, and overcome all challenges without fear of difficulties and obstacles in the blockchain industry.


GGBTC Introduction

GGBTC is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as token trading, margin trading and over-the-counter trading to meet the trading needs of various investors.

As of May, GGBTC has obtained investment from American GONE Fund, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui&Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Landscape Capital, Insight Capital, Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners, Tachyon Capital. The total funding exceeds 50 million RMB.

At present, the GGBTC 2.0 public beta has been officially launched, and FM zone (Free Market) has been launched simultaneously.

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