Reliable Transportation Link is Helping Businesses Lower Costs by Storing Inventory in Major Destinations across North America

Expanding a distribution network is always inevitable as a company or business expands. Even for businesses with several warehouses, adding more storage facilities translates to high costs of purchasing equipment, refitting, and staffing. However, there are ways that a business can leverage to lower the costs while amassing all the benefits.

A third-part storage or fulfillment provider, for instance, can increase a business’ coverage—both locally and internationally – thereby lowering logistics costs and increasing the viability of a business’ products in any given market. Increased inventory spaces translate to fast growth and high volume sales, especially during peak seasons like holidays.

Reliable Transportation Link (RTL) has been providing businesses – shippers, importers, forwarders, governments, and private institutions with cost-effective storage solutions for several years. Having been in the industry for long, RTL understands that the trick to cutting shipping costs is storing inventory closer to the customers.

“A new addition to a distribution network can often be done in high-risk markets because of the fact that the costs that are associated with entering such markets tend to be lower, “argues the sales manager at RTL, “This can make a business more agile and capable of expanding fast to test new markets while still retaining the liberty to withdraw just as readily. The biggest benefit, however, is the fact that the aforementioned perks are gained at a lower investment cost than establishing new storage solutions by oneself.”

Types of Storage Container Solutions

Depending on the type of products that a company needs to be shipped, storage container units may vary in design, structure, dimension, materials, and construction. There are different categories of containers that are being used today to meet the different requirements of cargo storage.

1. Open Storage Containers

These containers feature tarpaulin instead of a hard roof. They are used for storing goods that cannot be loaded through the doors of the standard containers. In addition, they can be used to ship or store cargoes with bigger height ranges.

2. Double Door Containers

These containers come with a double door feature, leaving a wider room or space for loading and offloading of materials. They are often made of steel and iron and come in standard sizes of 20-40 ft.

3. Flat Rack Containers

Flat racks are containers without roofs and sidewalls. They feature vertical front sides and are often used to ship or store cargoes with over dimensions like big machinery parts. The cargoes are lashed on the flat racks with chains or belts to ensure safe storage and transit.

4. Reefer Containers

These are special refrigerated containers, where temperatures can be adjusted based on the cargo stored. They allow temperature-sensitive cargoes to be shipped or stored in warmer areas without any problems.

About Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable Transportation Link is a registered bonded intermodal container shipping expert serving Canada, the US, and other major destinations across North America. They provide warehousing and distribution services, storage container rental, sale, and delivery, and a host of other freight management services.

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