CrowAll is committed to Building High-quality and Safe Tennis Court Surfaces Using Specific Building Technologies

Fans cheering on the benches seldom think about the quality of a tennis court or any other type of sports surface for that matter. However, managers, coaches, directors, and sports surface contractors understand just how critical the surface beneath a player’s feet can be, especially in regards to performance and safety.

Whether it is pickleball court, basketball court, tennis court, a golf course or any outdoor sports surface, quality matters. While a quality sports surface won’t prevent players from getting hurt, it can reduce the likelihood of an injury.

CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. is a sports surface construction, landscaping, and grading experts who have been in the industry for over 4 decades. They are now employing a wide range of building technologies to design and build high-quality and safe sports surfaces. From tennis, bocce, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboards, to roller hockey, they understand everything about perfect sports courts or surfaces.

“Players can suffer injuries from a wide range of things, including falling, running into other players, or wrong landing,” explains CrowAll’s quality assurance manager, “These types of injuries are often accident and quite hard to prevent. However, they are less common than chronic injuries, which are typically caused by poorly constructed sports surfaces. A well-constructed sports surface is always easier on the players’ joints and helps preserve the body.”

Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis courts are classified as hard (asphalt, concrete, modular surfaces, etc) or soft (clay, grass, in-filled synthetic turf, etc). Each option is popular with managers and players for different reasons, including ease of maintenance, quality of play, weather-resistance, and budgetary considerations.

Hard courts have more advantages when it comes to maintenance. They dry fast and can provide good game experience, especially if kept clean. However, asphalt tends to crack over time, especially in areas that are subject to thaw or freeze, and many sports managers consider them to be harder on the players’ joints. Post-tensioned concrete surfaces are less prone to cracking. Snap-together synthetic tiles or modular surfaces can be used over hard court surfaces to cover the cracked areas.

On the other hand, soft courts are easier on players’ legs and back and provide lower bounce on the ball. They are, therefore, associated with strategy games. However, they need regular maintenance (including watering, brooming, and sometimes mowing). In many regions, they have to be closed during winter.

Qualified sports surface contractors are the right people who can recommend the types of surfaces that are suitable for a given area and the corresponding playing population. In other words, they are the right people who can match the end-users with the right type of sports surfaces.

About CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd

CrowAll Surface Contractors Ltd. specializes in tennis court construction, resurfacing, and supplies. They deliver best in tennis court or sports surfaces construction and repair, landscape designing and planning, laser-guided and professional grading. Whether it is new construction or rehabilitation of existing sport surface, putting an ice rink, or installing a helicopter pad, they do it all and right. 

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