ZB Group Vice President Aurora introduces digital asset applications to listed companies

On July 12th, Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group, was the special guest of the “Listed Companies Secretary Generals Salon” jointly organized by New Fortune Magazine and Beijing Association of Listed Companies. She delivered a speech and introduced the blockchain and digital assets to secretary generals of these companies.

When it comes to the digitization of assets, Aurora, vice president of ZB Group, analyzed the digital asset models of four typical directions: cryptocurrency, stable coin, smart securities and asset tokenization: the former two are almost entirely new financial markets, the latter two are the blockchainization of traditional financial industry.

The cryptocurrency market has experienced more than 10 years of development, and the total market value has reached more than 2 trillion. As the closest blockchain application to “money”, cryptocurrency has significant potential in improving traditional financial scenarios: the booming of Defi’s open finance, and the emergence of new financial models such as 1EO are increasing the speed and efficiency of capital flows.

When referring to the recently-recognized Facebook Libra project, ZB Group Vice President Aurora said: This is a landmark event for Internet companies to enter the financial sector and an important indicator of the transition of the traffic Internet to the currency Internet. In 2019, multinational Internet giants such as Facebook entered the encryption field, and financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity, and Visa tried to use cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments.

In addition to cryptocurrency and stable coin, how the traditional financial securities market is combined with the blockchain? The answer is smart securities and asset tokenization. They all real assets issued on the blockchain, and there are already practical use cases.

Among them, the digital securities issue of the blockchain is called STO. This is a hot concept in 2018. STO corresponds to certain real-life equity, creditor’s rights, trusts, dividends, gold, etc. Currently, STO is regulated by the local securities laws of the countries and regions in the United States, Singapore, Malta and Hong Kong.

Nowadays, digital securities are gradually forming an ecosystem similar to the traditional securities market, including the first-tier issuers, secondary trading platforms, compliance services, consignment sales, investment banks and other industrial chains. However, compared with the traditional financial system, the digital securities industry is still in the early stage of development, and many links need to be standardized.

It can be seen that the blockchain digital assets are not oppositions and alternatives of the common stocks, securities, funds and other financial products. Digital assets can help them better circulate and reduce investor risk. The blockchain still has potential in the field of empowering traditional finance.

Aurora, vice president of ZB Group, also said that digital assets are facing the dilemma of technological development, policy lag, and lack of practical mode. We still need time to explore and overcome these challenges.

Zhu Weijun, Chairman of New Fortune, and Yu Xingxi, Secretary General of Beijing Association of Listed Companies, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Salon; Wu Chao, Director of CITIC Construction Research Institute and Chief Analyst of the Communication Industry, delivered a keynote speech on “New Opportunities for 5G Investment”; The salon also fully discussed hot topics such as the science and technology innovation board.

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