Why New Laser Technology is Targeting Unwanted Hair Growth with Speed, Accuracy and Comfort

As with many cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, the process of removing unwanted body hair has over the years moved towards less painful and time-consuming methods. Gone are the days of agonizing wax strips tearing away clumps of hair, or manual plucking of individual hairs that can leave skin feeling tender and sore.

The non-invasive process that has replaced it is laser removal. The GentleMax brand of lasers is a service offered by Canada MedLaser, a specialist clinic based in Ontario, and its approach is designed to guarantee results while also being relatively quick and painless.

The process works through the delivery of light energy that can be directed towards hundreds of hair follicles at the same time, either damaging or destroying them and preventing the hair from growing back. The laser pulses twice per second, which is quicker than older laser therapy technologies and means the complete treatment of a full leg can be carried out in under 20 minutes. Due to the comprehensive nature of its work, the clinic estimates that patients may only need between four and eight treatments – although for more complex procedures, Canada MedLaser offers an unlimited treatment plan.

While speed and effectiveness are two features of the advances made in laser therapy, another is the enhanced level of comfort for patients undergoing the procedure. Rather than any preliminary stages to numb the skin or lubricate it with gel, the comfort and protection is built into the laser itself – the GentleMax uses a bespoke cooling technology that sees a cryogen spray quickly applied to the treatment area, timing it so the skin is numbed just before the laser begins pulsing.

While discomfort isn’t completely eradicated, the staff at Canada MedLaser can help with any mild sting or pinch by applying a topical anaesthetic cream. The level of discomfort can also largely depend on where on the body the treatment is occurring – the GentleMax process can be carried out on the legs, cheeks, lips, back, underarms and arms.

The usual advice applies for anyone undergoing the GentleMax treatment – there may be some mild redness or swelling immediately after treatment, which is an indication the follicles are responding as intended – and patients are advised not to continue plucking or waxing at all, once treatment has started. It is also recommended that sunscreen is applied to treated areas afterwards, for extra protection.

Everyone considering cosmetic or aesthetic treatment should, as a priority, check the credentials of any institution they are considering – as the consequences of attending an unqualified practitioner can be severe.

“As with many aesthetic treatments offered today, there is always the risk of falling foul of unlicensed treatments being provided by untrained individuals, who will probably be offering them at deceptively cheap rates,” says a spokesperson for Canada MedLaser. “At Canada MedLaser, all our staff have undergone the necessary specialized training that meets government standards, and they are also under full medical supervision by qualified clinicians.”

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Canada MedLaser offers services in clinics based in Newmarket, Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga. More information on their laser hair removal service can be found on their website.

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