2019 Chengdu Medical Aesthetics Month Is Coming! Make “Beautiful Economy” the Shining Business Card of Chengdu

The 2019 Chengdu Medical Aesthetics Month is coming!Make “Beautiful Economy” the Shining Business Card of Chengdu, Chengdu will do its best to build itself into a city of medical aesthetics. On July 16, the 2019 Chengdu Medical Aesthetics Month sponsored by Chengdu Media Group and Chengdu Association of Medical Aesthetics Industry was launched at Tianfu International Financial Center under the guidance of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau.

This medical aesthetics month aims to show the vitality of the development of Chengdu’s medical aesthetics industry, to guide citizens to change their opinions of traditional medical aesthetics, to cultivate and form a positive consumer market, and to showcase the self-discipline, integrity and standardization of this industry as well as professional medical technologies and high-tech facilities and equipment of Chengdu.In this way, it helps to promote the healthy and sustainable development of this industry and make “beautiful economy” the shining business card of the city.This activity lasts until August 16.

“City of Medical Aesthetics” with Industry Conventions and Certified Products Alliance

Allow the Medical Aesthetics Industry to Develop in a Healthy and Orderly Way

With the multifunctional skin tester and oral aesthetics and orthodontics, the City of Medical Aesthetics exhibition area set up at the launching ceremony has attracted much attention. The exhibition area elaborately created by the sponsors presents the world’s latest medical aesthetics equipment and products, which allow beauty lovers not only to feel the charm of technologies, but also to experience various beauty products on site.

To jointly create a prosperous future for the “City of Medical Aesthetics”, Chengdu Association of Medical Aesthetics Industry released a series of industry conventions at the launching ceremony, including the Convention on Legal Practice, the Convention on Joint Boycott of Illegal Medical Aesthetics and the Convention on Employment in Member Organizations. The person in charge of the association says that the illegal medical aesthetics, especially illegal medical aesthetics institutions and related illegal employees, has seriously damaged not only the normal operation of this industry, but also the rights and interests of beauty seekers.

“Efforts to formulate a series of conventions for medical aesthetics institutions will contribute to a standardized business order of the industry, thus ensuring the normal operation and development of legal institutions.”

At the launching ceremony, the Certified Products Alliance of “City of Medical Aesthetics”has been established and embraced its first batch of members, including Yonghe Hair Transplant, Sichuan Milan Bai Yu Medical Beauty Hospital Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Huamei Zixin Medical Beauty Hospital Co., Ltd. Representatives from Jodir Plastic & Cosmetic Hospital, Southwest Center of Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, St.Stamford Plastic Surgery Hospitaland Sichuan Mylike Cosmetic Hospital, as well as representatives from manufacturing enterprises, have read out the regulations of the Alliance, and announced the channels for certified product inspection and consumer supervision. “The medical aesthetics industry is an ecosystem of mutual needs, mutual support and co-existence, in which all institutions should work together to standardize management and promote the use of certified products.”A head from Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology says.

In fact, Chengdu has been making efforts to build itself into a leading and world-renowned “City of Medical Aesthetics”. In 2018, Chengdu promulgated the 2018-2030 Medical Aesthetics Industry Development Plan in Chengdu, in which the government set a goal that the city’s total sales revenue of its medical aesthetics industry would achieve RMB 100 billion by 2025 and RMB 200 billion by 2030. The subsequent Support Policies for Accelerating the Development of Medical Aesthetics industry in Chengdu was issued to support the development of medical aesthetics industry from five aspects, including: support for accelerating the gathering of medical beauty professionals, innovation and development of enterprises, introduction and construction of projects, development and growth of enterprises and optimization of industrial environment. Those measures have shown Chengdu’s determination to develop its medical aesthetics industry.

Medical Aesthetics Integrating Tourism, Shopping, Food and Culture, Chengdu Kicks Off Its Development of “Broader Medical Aesthetics”

Last year, the first Chengdu Medical Aesthetics Festival successfully positioned itself as a combination of online shopping carnival and offline experiences. The Medical Aesthetics Month this year is not limited to medical aesthetics. Witha combination of tourism, shopping and culture, a new connotation of “beautiful economy” is developed, unfolding a “broader medical aesthetics” of Chengdu.

The pursuit of beauty is a long-standing trend in Chengdu. According to insiders, the Medical Aesthetics Month will include a series of medical aesthetics-themed carnival activities: 10 domestic leading medical aesthetics experts will be invited to expert clinic activities in 10 medical aesthetics hospitals; 10 offline knowledge popularization of medical aesthetics will be held; 5 individuals in urgent need of medical aesthetics aid recruited nationwide will be offered with assistance for free by designated medical aesthetics institutions; exhibitions named “Medical Aesthetics Changes Your Life” will be launched in Wide and Narrow Alleys, Jinli Street and Eastern Suburb Memory.

In addition to medical aesthetics, tours, shopping and cultural activities in relation to Beautiful Chengdu will also be staged. ChengduTourism Association has joined hands with over 100 travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, catering companies and some other member institutions to customize “Travel of the Beauty” featured special travelling routes, including Leisure Tour on Jin River, Let’s Play with Panda, Cultural Tourism to Meet Ancient Chengdu, Ecotourism in Western Sichuan, Parent-child Happy Tour in Chengdu. Chengdu Retailers Business Association has organized more than 100 stores in 50 commercial complexes to launch over 500 promotional activities in dozens of sectors, such as skin care, beauty treatment, hairdressing, skin management, make-up, manicure, eyelash extension, ophthalmological treatment, Slim & Shape and SPA. Chengdu Photographers Association also will roll out a photography show themed Beauty in Chengdu for locals and tourists in popular scenic spots, including the Wide and Narrow Alleys. Moreover, Chengdu Retailers Business Association and Chengdu Cuisine Association will jointly launch several beauty themed shopping and dating activities at Chunxi Road business area.

During the month, the sponsors will cooperate with SoYoung, Ali Health, Meituan, Meb and other e-commerce platforms to integrate medical aesthetics, tourism, shopping and catering. All-in-one cards for the Medical Aesthetics Month, series of promotions integrating medical aesthetics, tourism, shoppingwill be rolled out both online and offline.

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