New achievement of Feisou research and development: strengthening hair root protection to avoid hair loss.

An adult normally loses 50 to 60 hairs every day. If the number reaches 100 for some people, who should be conscious that they are facing the risk of hair loss. If people lose more than 100 hairs everyday and it has been going on for more than 2 months, they need to visit a doctor.   

As an universal and embarrassing problem, hair loss has been disturbing people all over the world. It was reported that Czech Republic has the highest hair loss rate which has reached 42.79 percent, followed by Spain, Germany, France, Britain and America. Overall, European countries have higher hair loss rates than Asian and other areas. Nowadays the number of young people suffering hair loss is increasing, and males have much higher hair loss rate than females.

There are two types of hair loss: congenital alopecia (hereditary hair loss) and acquired alopecia (temporary hair loss). We often see the latter in our daily life, and the most direct cause of it is the deterioration of the ecological environment of the head.

Actually, ingesting too much high-fat or high-salt food, living in the polluted environment, enduring invisible pollution caused by hair products, getting stuck in negative emotions such as stress or nervous tension that will cause physical disorders, dyeing or perming hair frequently etc. will all destroy the ecological environment of scalp and cause hair loss.

feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo can help people condition their scalps and ameliorate the hair loss. This shampoo sends out a light ginger aroma. It doesnt matter if you dont like the smell, cause which comes from the ginger root oil in the shampoo, after rinsing the foam off your head and drying your hair, you will barely smell it.

The melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil that has been added to feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo has the same superior effect on promoting hair growth as ginger root oil. Besides, containing the macadamia ternifolia seed oil that can moisturize and nourish hair effectively, feisou shampoo can strengthen peoples hair roots and keep their hair healthy.

feisou shampoo adopts amino acid surfactants and contains no silicone oil, therefore, it is thinner in texture than other products in the market. Being fine and fresh in foam, it will readily remove the excessive grease from hair. Whats more, because of its mild ingredients, feisou shampoo can be used at ease even by people with sensitive scalps.

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